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The Flash All-Star Team Up Trailer

The Flash is rushing towards it’s season one conclusion and truth be told, the show had exceeded almost every expectation I’ve had for it. It’s funny, enjoyable, endearing and yes even very very corny at times. The April 14th episode is another cross over but no it’s not Oliver this time. The Atom AKA Ray Palmer flies into town to assuredly fight then team up with Barry.

The TV trailer is just that. There’s no high expectations for it, and it does it’s job well enough. My one issue is the blatant Iron Man comparison that both Arrow and Flash are desperately trying to make. I understand why they would want to make that connection. They even have him do the cool Iron Man descent but it looks like Ray blows it the last second. Iron Man = $ I get it, but the fact that Ray’s suit has nothing to do with shrinking (yet) and that it just seems so obvious what they are trying to do kills any momentum they are making with the character. Do your own thing DC, you won’t be able to favorably compare to Marvel’s BIGGEST movie property. You just won’t.





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