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The Garbage, the Glamorous and the Not-So-Bad 9/25/13

So uh I skipped the week of 9/18 because I had to podcast and pack that Wednesday, fly home on Thursday morning, prepare to shoot (cameras, not guns) a wedding, actually shoot (cameras) the wedding on Friday, and then I had one day/night (Saturday) to see as many of my friends and family as possible, fly back here to Atlanta on Sunday morning, watch football, podcast with the boys and then back to work on Monday.  And most of this week was spent fighting with the accounts department about expenses.  And on top of that I was tired.

Recap from 9/18/13

Daredevil #31 touched on the same topics from the Trayvon Martin trial in such a down the middle way that nobody could get mad but super mega idiotic radicals (you know who I’m talking about).  It’s still the best superhero comic being published right now.  If you disagree, then you are an idiot because this is not opinion-based this is scientific FACT (Hawkeye-fanboys I’m looking at you).

ANYWAY.  DC’s $$$VILLAINS$$$ Month is still going on and I’d rather light 20-dollar-bills on fire then spend hard-earned American USD on garbage.


I don’t even care if I haven’t read any of it.  I will hate all day.  I have to wait a whole month for this trash to get over with before I can continue the stories in the books I was reading for the DCU.  Stupid.  F-

THE GLAMOROUS (the good): Saga #14


Do I really need to explain this one?  This is hands down the best comic book being published PERIOD.  I am not going to go into detail.  Any comic book fan (trade-readers and weekly pull-babies) has at least heard of this phenomenon.  And the “comic book fans” that aren’t reading this? I have lost all hope for them.  I can’t really reveal anything without potentially spoiling random stuff in the story because it’s one of those types of comics.  And in all honesty, this is a title that I firmly believe anybody can enjoy.  Perfect writing, perfect art and it’s destroying everyone everywhere.  It is a hurricane of terror that is taking the world by storm and demolishing homes and crushing mountains.  READ THIS BOOK.  S+++++++++++++

The Not-So-Bad: Wolverine & the X-Men #36 (Battle of the Atom Part 5)

cyclopsesWow.  So yesterday morning I was having breakfast in the hotel lobby and read this issue and literally LOLed like 7 times.  Jason Aaron is a total babe with this book.  It kind of fell off for me after a bit but this book was perfectly placed in the BOTA x-over.  Why? because the way Wolverine & the X-Men has mostly been written like is kind of a comedy book.  And after 4 parts of X-Angst and dumb time-travelers (refer to my earlier posts where I complain forever) we get this whole issue as comic relief.  First off, there’s kind of this running joke since they started the JG school with the whole “Psychic Battling” system of the telepaths just standing in front of each other like drones battling in their minds.  It’s still funny.  And it pops up like 5 times in this book.  And it’s funny every single time.  Adult Cyclops refers to time-traveler Jean as “Old Young Jean”.  In the last post I referred to her as Future Past Jean.  I wasn’t too far off.  I love the comic book speak in comics.  It’s great.  We FINALLY get a bad-ass Old/Young Cyclops team-up moment (with a dash of BBC’s Sherlock in the dialogue). And finally, OG Iceman is hilarious. There is no reason he should be holding Jubilee’s baby because he’s MADE OF ICE and then there’s a great moment with him, Magik and OG Beast.  Funny/serious moment for Deadpool and then a shocker final splash page but not really.  The serious stuff was okay.  The funny stuff was amazing.  Seriously.  I LOLed approximately 7 times. B+




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