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The Good, the Bad, and the Garbage 11/13/2013

Pretty light but pretty good week.

The Good: Harper Row, Stargirl, All-New Suits

As good as Batman Zero Year has been, I can’t help but let the Harper Row backup Story overshadow it.  People in the Dark was just a little baby one-shot about Harper and Cullen Row as kids during the Zero Year.  As heartwarming as it is…there is one double splash that makes it look like Snyder is putting some structure into the DCU.  The few panels that caught my eye were ones of Jason Todd’s Red Hood get up and what looks like a younger Nightwing with a gang of rawdogs trying to fight crime.  Definitely makes this whole Zero Year thing a little more compelling.  As bad as the last issue of Justice League of America was, this one was okay, primarily due to the Stargirl fanservice.  I’m glad to see a great young hero from the Old 52 is still pure and intact in the New 52.  ALSO:  THE BABY X-BABIES HAVE NEW SUITS! MADE OF MAGIC!

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The Bad: Negan from The Walking Dead

But not necessarily “Bad” in a bad way.  “Bad” in a BADASS and awesome way.  He is turning into quite the villain.  Not just a straight up dickhead asshole like the Governer but more along the lines of the Mayor (lol political positions as villain names) in Season 3 of Buffy the Vampire Slayer.  Obviously the “big bad” of the story arc but really hard to hate.  Negan has his villainous moments, but also has some of my favorite character moments in the entire series thus far.  This book is still one of the best titles out there.  When this book ends it will almost definitely go down as *THE* greatest comic book title OF ALL TIME.

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The Garbage: Nothing?





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