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The Good, the Bad, and the Garbage 8/28/13

The Good: Batman Superman #3

Man, if there is anything that is redeeming the shit out of the crappy Superman books coming out lately, it’s this one.  For a while, I was picking up Before Watchmen: Ozymandias solely for Jae Lee’s incredibly amazingly astoundingly ridiculous art.  If not for Saga or Daredevil, this would easily be the best looking comic being published right now.  Well, it probably is.  This issue was pretty neat because we have a flashback (art by Yildiray Cinar) where Chibi Bruce and a Chibi Clark meet each other. Chibi Clark teaches Chibi Bruce how to play baseball (kind of) and then Chibi Bruce teaches Chibi Clark how to fight (kind of) and then Chibi Bruce figures out that Chibi Clark is a Super Chib by hitting him in the face with a piece of wood on purpose and then they become best friends forever from that point on.  It was adorable.  The main story is still forming itself (S and B vs S2 and B2) and I have a lot of faith in Greg Pak but goddammit that art.  Goddammit. B-

The Bad: Uncanny Avengers #11

Listen, Remender.  I love you, but I already fucking read Uncanny X-Force and I fucking loved it and then I fucking read the first arc of Uncanny Avengers with all the racism and killing and Red Skull with Xavier’s brain and I fucking loved it hard and then this.  First off, I should preface this by saying that I really hate Daniel Acuña’s art.  I really do.  It’s like trying too hard to be impressionist that it just gets in the way of important shit.  Not only that.  It literally took me like 45 minutes to read this one issue.  Why? Because Remender is trying to shove another Uncanny X-Force story into this.  I could care less about Daken or Sentry or the Celestials or the new four horsemen of the twin apocalypses (apocali?).  COME ON! There’s like 2 panels of Cap and Havoc.  I’m getting better stuff from that team in other books like All-New X-men.  If Acuña stays on this book I might drop it.  F+

The Garbage: Justice League #23

I’m laughing right now as I type this because 1) I have been stuck in my hotel room this entire day because the lock won’t work on my door and I have to watch all my preciouses and 2) this fucking comic book.  This was the final issue of the super mega crossover over 2 justice league books and a magic league book and as expected, it’s a fucking joke.  Literally.  It was a joke.  It’s not even worth going into detail.  All we need to know is that DC Comics has its own version of Ultron now, Cyborg might be dead (lol) and The Atom (aka Atomica) planted a kryptonite shard in Superman’s brain LOLOLOL.  Oh yeah and the Crime Syndicate has made its appearance and Earth-3 Alfred is a bad ass.  This was horrible.  F-




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