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The Good, the Bad, and the Garbage 9/4/13

It was a small week.  I thought about just doing a Good and a Bad and then just throwing all of those worthless “x.1” issues that DC decided to toss out for $2.99 each into the Garbage category without reading them but I didn’t want to judge a bunch of books by their cover.  So I picked out an issue that I was kind of torn about.  Torn in a sense that I couldn’t decide if I actually liked it or not.  There were things that I liked, things that I didn’t really like and a few things that I loathed about Forever Evil #1.

This is hot off the end of Trinity War, which honestly in hindsight did not have a very deserving title.  S B and W didn’t really duke it out like the title suggests but whatever.  What happened was it was revealed that the Crime Syndicate from Earth 3 was behind all of the events.  Ooooooooh. But not really.  The strangest thing about Forever Evil is that it kind of jumps ahead a little too far (in my opinion) and leaves events from the past (taking place between Trinity War Part 6 and Forever Evil #1) up in the air.  So I guess we will have to wait until the 2nd issue comes out or whenever the regularly scheduled monthly titles  come out (who have their characters affected  by these events) to find out what actually happened.

The Good: Art, Progression, Ultraman

I usually think David Finch is overrated.  His work on Bendis’ New Avengers run was OK at best.  And I haven’t read any of Batman the Dark Knight because I only like to waste *some* of my money on garbage so I wasn’t sure how he was on that.  That being said, he was actually really good on this book.  He had a 99-page-make-this-book-look-like-its-worth-3.99-mega-spread, which was actually really detailed and pretty impressive.  IMG_0122I absolutely love his Lex Luthor character design.  And also his Ultraman, who got a hell of a lot of face time in this issue.  He is the boss of the bosses.  As far as progression goes, the story moved along pretty smoothly.  There were good transitions between different scenes and the panel design was exquisite.  Another shout out to Mr. Finch for that.  The story was easy to follow and didn’t have too much filler and no super involved From-Hell-Like conversations that do more harm than good (ahem Uncanny Avengers).  Ultraman sniffs/snorts Kryptonite like a BO$$.  Then moves the fucking moon into a solar eclipse because the sun hurts him.  If that’s not cool then you are a lame.

IMG_0125 IMG_0128


The Bad: Everything Else

Now this is a strange one because the story progression was good but the events that were included within the story were just stupid.  There was a point in time where I was actually afraid that some bold moves were gonna be made and Johns got soft again.  First, the Crime Syndicate announces that the Justice League is dead.  Okay.  We all know that this isn’t true.  And at the same time which Justice League?  The Trinity Dream Team?  The untalented B-Team? Magics R Us? At least call out some names if you want to talk about how big your Ultraman balls are.  Come on man.  Some G-Tier Villain named Monocle speaks out and Ultraman blows his ass up. IMG_0126 +2 points for blowing someone up.  I love that shit.  -99 points because WHO IS MONOCLE? Stop putting a sock in yourIMG_0124 undies and show your real balls.  Another example is they unmask Nightwing.  They also say they will hunt down everything dear to him, but according to Ultraman’s claims, Batman/Bruce is already dead, the Flying Graysons have been dead for (5 years? WHAT IS THE TIMELINE DC??? MORE ON THIS BELOW) some time.  Oh and apparently they blacked out Metropolis and then Arkham SO WHY IS THIS A PRESSING ISSUE RIGHT NOW WHY IS THIS IMPORTANT? The issue on hand is that the Justice League is dead so why try to squeeze in the unmasking of Nightwing?  It’s so pointless.

The Garbage: New 52 Holes are still a HUGE problem

There are 2 things that really aggravated me and one may be due to the fact that I don’t read Teen Titans (please correct me if this was established in that book).  First off, Wonder Girl calls Tim “Robin”.  This may be minor to new readers but it was established that he has never been Robin.  photoThis is absolutely ridiculous.  Call him Tim or his actual title which is Red Robin.  Robin is DEAD.  All of this was ESTABLISHED.  If Tim is the new Robin then that is okay, it works.  If Tim USED to be Robin (in continuity, which never happened) then that is okay.  But don’t just throw those things out and about after you retconned everything in the new 52.  Its an insult to people that are actually trying to sculpt some sort of sensible timeline in the whole mess of continuity that is just being thrown around.  It’s not necessarily a HOLE but it IS laziness or ignorance by Johns who should at least know what the hell is going on in the new continuity that is still trying to be solidified.  The other thing is Dick Grayson’s origin.  Throwing it out there again.  Showing a fucking driver’s license and censoring out his DOB. IMG_0127It was established that he was Robin for some time, but how long is some time?  No clues on age or anything so its almost like DC is acknowledging the fact that the Bat-Team itself is a HUGE hole in continuity but have to establish that their choices in moments are really important.  And if that’s not the case, then they aren’t making it hard for me to nitpick them.



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