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The Gut (goot), the Pak, and the Unchained 11/6/2013

Excuses: Pokèmon came out, ATLANTiFanboy happened, then I spilled water on my Macbook and had to get it fixed, etc.

Okay that is out of the way.

Big shout out to our girl Michelle for holding it down like the SuperTank she is while I was dead in the water for a month.

Notable comics that have come out since then: Sandman Overture #1, Saga #15, Justice League #24, Ultimate Comics Spider-Man #28 and Wonder Woman #24.  Straight A’s!

Crappy comics that have come out since then: Damian: Son of Batman #1, Young Avengers #11, Superman #24, Justice League of LOLMERICA #8.  All F’s! CHANGE SCHOOLS.

That is all you need to know.


Finally back on the grind.  I’m going to (quickly with no images) talk about the comics that have come out this week, November 6, 2013.


The Gut: Amazing X-Men #1

Nightcrawler is back?  Honestly? I could care less.  All I know is this is the same rock em sock em awesomeness similar to the first arc of Jason Aaron’s Wolverine & the X-Men that made me fall in love with this side of his style.  Hilarious? Yes.  Quirky? Oh yes.  Hokey-ness? Sure.  I love the way Jason Aaron writes X-Men because he has that same pizazz in dialogue that Bendis has mastered balancing out with the serious, but it’s just almost all the time.  It is laugh out loud funny and shake-your-head funny.  It’s just FUN.  Nightcrawler is being set up to come back, Firestar is trying to replace Kitty at the JG school (as a teacher and as Bobby Drake’s sex-slave), and the goddamn little bamfs are all over the place and there are red ones too.  And they both rule.  A huge bonus? Ed McGuinness’ art is spectacular in this.  Facial expressions and comic book-y character design fit the fun writing style so well.  I have really really high expectations for this new title.  A+


The Pak: Action Comics #25 and Batman/Superman #5

I want to start off by saying that I really enjoyed Action Comics #25.  Call it low expectation turned into slight surprise (due to the garbage issues of Action Comics issues recently), but I’m not THAT jaded (you’ll see when I talk about his other release this week).  I liked it!  Finally we see a Lana Lang. And she’s kind of a bad ass too (I love bad ass girls so I am partial).  Oh and she’s an electrical engineer too (I am also an electrical engineer so I may be partial).  And this issue was bringing to surface the good old Kansas America influence that Clark is supposed to have (Nu52 or Not) by showing similarities in the parallel lives that these kindred spirits share.  I liked how they introduce Lana in this fashion because since CLARK’S PARENTS ARE ALL DEAD we don’t really get to see that side of Clark, well, ever.  Throw in a little baby twist at the end and you have yourself a good sandwich.  It’s not Chicago Style Rib-Eye at a 5 star restaurant downtown, but it’s just a GOOD SANDWICH. A satisfying lunch.  Now.  Batman/Superman #5 was just straight up trash.  You take Jae Lee out and it is already just flat out disappointing on looks alone.  Throw in a crappy video game / matrix type story with the Nu52 Toy-Man and you get just turd droppings between pages.  Listen, Greg.  I love you, I believe in you, I’m a fan.  But come on man.  Loeb did a hokey Toy-Man story in the old 52’s OG Superman/Batman title and it was good but not great.  After that amazing first arc, I expected WAY MORE from you.  Action Comics gets a B-, and Batman/Superman gets a straight up F.  The average for this week would probably come out around a D+.  JUST DO BETTER.  FUCK.


The Unchained: Superman Unchained #4

Is this book late? I’m pretty sure it’s late but I don’t know.  It feels like it is.  Someone check on that.  The story is on point.  Snyder obv broken tier status and should be banned because he’s good at what he does.  I have to back track to remind myself of previous events because I think this book is late? I don’t know.  Not really a big deal.  Heavy story.  Superman’s death being thrown around on all fronts of the book.  Lex is playing with paper dolls.  Jimmy is tied up in the brooklyn basement, face it, not guilty…etc.  The main point I wanted to make is the fact that it seems like Jim Lee is rushing.  This art is just…sloppy for someone like Mr. Lee.  It’s rough and not really up to par with what I’m used to seeing from him.  GET BETTER. C+





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