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There Have Been “Talks” About A HBO Watchman Show

HBO has confirmed that “preliminary discussions” have occurred about a Watchman show.Now obviously the best choice would just to do the comic again and make a balls to the wall HBO miniseries but I can see why the wouldn’t go that route. The film released back in 2009 which in comic book movie terms, means that could have reboot 2-3 times already so they are already behind the curve.

There are other avenues that HBO and co could go down however. In 2012 DC comics released a series of books titled Before Watchmen, which were 8 miniseries that basically filled back story for the core comic’s main characters. The whole thing was met with a universal shrug from the comics community and while nice, it doesn’t come close to the quality of the core title.

There is also a possibility of them just going full prequel with original heroes like the original Nite Owl, Dollar Bill, Hooded Justice, Captain Metropolis etc.  Which would give the series a little more room to breath with original ideas and it could be a really cool contrast between the “Golden Age” of heroes to how screwed up the characters in the Watchmen universe all tend to be.

Or they could say f*ck it and give me the original Watchmen story just split up into 12 different episodes.

What do you guys think? Go with an original story or delve back into the source material? Sound off in the comments.




Source: Collider 



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