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Things That Happened The Week Of

Hi it’s time for your weekly dose of Things That Happened The Week Of AKA the one where not a lot happened but the things that did were super interesting.

We started off the week with a less than pleased Jared Leto talking about all his cut Joker scenes in Suicide Squad. Next we got the either great or depressing news that Ghostbusters is officially a flop and the studio is looking at a loss of around $70 million. We were treated to an open letter to the WB CEO from an ex employee who stated that Wonder Woman is already a mess. We also got a new Rogue One trailer and CW dug into my brain and found out my greatest joys in life and combined them into a musical crossover event involving the Flash and Supergirl. All that and much more after the jump!


All-New ANTiFanboy Podcast #165 

Things That Happened The Week Of

DC is making a ‘Man of Steel 2’ after all

Netflix drops another stellar ‘Luke Cage’ trailer

The new ‘Rogue One’ trailer is a definite improvement over the last one

Is ‘Wonder Woman’ already in trouble?

‘Supergirl’ and ‘Flash’ are having a musical crossover and I am dead with excitement




Jared Leto doesn’t seem super thrilled about his screen time in ‘Suicide Squad’

‘Friday the 13th’ locks down a director

Black Manta confirmed as the villain for ‘Aquaman’

An idea too beautiful to live. Jonah Hill says 21 Jump Street/MIB crossover unlikely

‘Spider-Man’ D-lister role cast in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

David Fincher may be circling ‘World War Z’ sequel

Jason Momoa in talks for that ‘Crow’ remake no one can get made

“Fun” is the word of the day when it comes to ‘Flash’

The cast for the all-female ‘Oceans 11’ spinoff is pretty interesting

POSSIBLE SPOILERS – It looks like we know when we’ll be seeing Bucky again

Latest ‘Ghostbusters’ movie is heading towards a $70 million loss

For some reason Miles Teller would be down to do another ‘Fantastic Four’

RUMOR: ‘Friday Night Lights’ star up for Cable in ‘Deadpool 2’

Director of ‘Wonder Woman’ assures that her film is not a “mess”

RUMOR: Donald Glover may be on deck for the role of Lando in the Young Han Solo movie

Expect a tweaked origin story for ‘Captain Marvel’

Dunkirk – Announcement Teaser

Sea of Trees – Trailer

Resident Evil: The Final Chapter – International Trailer
Moana – Trailer 2
Don’t Breath – Red Band Trailer

Complete Unknown – Trailer

Bad Santa 2 – Red Band Trailer
War on Everyone – International Trailer

Allied – Trailer

TVWorlds Finest

Hulu is getting rid of free streaming

Hulu is working on a Batman co-creator Bill Finger documentary

Poison Ivy’s recasting explained in the plot

‘Brooklyn Nine-Nine’ and ‘New Girl’ are having a crossover

Stargirl cast in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

‘Hannibal’ showrunner talks ‘Star Trek: Beyond’ and its female lead

‘Friday the 13th’ CW series looks like it’s not happening

‘Gotham’ showrunners are saying that Harley Quinn may have already appeared

Season 5 will be the last of the island flashbacks in ‘Arrow’

Ms. Martian and Mon El to appear in ‘Supergirl’

Dolph Lundgren to appear as a baddie in ‘Arrow’

‘Rocko’s Modern Life’ is returning as a TV movie

Lance Henriksen joins ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Chance – Hulu Trailer
Atlanta – Trailer
Video GamesDarksiders

PS4 NEO details to be revealed next month

‘No Man’s Sky’ to get huge day 1 patch that will include multiple endings

‘GWENT: The Card Game’ closed beta has been delayed a month

Telltale Games hints at ‘Mr. Robot’ game

Hey, remember ‘RIME’?

THQ is returning as Nordic THQ

Surprise suprise, the PC port of ‘No Man’s Sky’ is busted

A ‘Goldeneye’ fan remake has somehow made it’s way onto the internet

Mafia III – Thomas Burke Trailer

Prey – Gameplay Trailer

Rocket League – Rumble Trailer

Metroid Prime: Federation Force – Story Trailer

Berserk – Griffith Trailer

Titanfall 2 – Story Mode Gameplay

Mafia III – Vito Scarletta

Mafia III – The World of New Bordeaux

Comicsghost rider

Spider-Man to get another short lived new costume

Ghost Rider to get new ongoing

DC on top thanks to Rebirth sales

Ivan Reis joins ‘Suicide Squad’ confirming its AAA status






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