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Things That Happened The Week Of

Hello and welcome to today’s Things That Happened The Week Of AKA the one where Slimeball Steve returns!

Everyone’s favorite Slimeball returns to convince us why No Man’s Sky is the greatest video game ever. In addition to that we have some cool and truly uncomfortable trailers in the form of Blair Witch and we finally find out what Thor has been up to since Age of Ultron ended. All that and more right under us! Enjoy!


All-New ANTiFanboy Podcast #167

Slimeball Steve takes on ‘No Man’s Sky’

This short explains where Thor has been during ‘Civil War’

Toejam and Earl are back!

Games With Gold for September
‘My Blind Brother’ looks both very mean and kind of sweet

The new ‘Blair Witch’ trailer is absolutely not for claustrophobics

Sony adds two-step verification and you should get on it right now



Here is the director shortlist for ‘Captain Marvel’

Kevin Bacon apparently would love to play Freddy Krueger

Dan Harmon helped out on the ‘Doctor Strange’ script

‘Justice League Dark’ lives again! With Doug Liman on board to direct

Kate Mara probably under the threat of lawsuit that she is down for another run at ‘Fantastic Four’

Our first look at Lumiere and Cogsworth in ‘Beauty and the Beast

Vincent D’Onofrio and Bruce Willis are teaming up for a ‘Death Wish’ remake

Sam Mendes is circling a ‘James and the Giant Peach’ remake

Expect some fun easter eggs in ‘Doctor Strange’
Rings – Trailer

Kidnap – Trailer
Batman: Return of the Caped Crusaders – Trailer

The Disappointments Room – Trailer

Jack Goes Home – Trailer



Bryan Singer says that ‘Legion’ will connect to the X-Men films

Peter David says he has been contacted by Netflix about ‘Young Justice’ season 3


Video Gamesno mans sky

Sony to increase the price of ‘PS Plus’ by $10

Leaked Slim PS4 is real and it looks like an ice cream sandwich without the ice cream

Once cancelled ‘Allison Road’ now uncancelled  

ZeniMax accuses John Carmack of stealing documents to help the Oculus Rift

Kickstarter game ‘Road Redemption’ delayed due to Louisiana floods

‘The Witness’ is finally making its way to Xbox One

PlayStation Now coming to the PC

Ubisoft delays ‘The Division’ expansions in order to fix the core game

Respawn is making changes to ‘Titanfall 2’ following their weekend stress test and angry fans

‘Resident Evil VII’ details come out through its ESRB score

‘No Man’s Sky’ is deleting your discoveries after 2 weeks
Rise of The Tomb Raider – Blood Ties DLC Trailer

Mafia III – Father James and John Donovan

Vampyr – First Gameplay Video



Iron Man’s replacement Riri Williams will be called “ Ironheart”

Valiant November solicits

Marvel November solicits

Image November solicits

Archie November solicits

Oni Press November solicits

IDW November solicits

Dynamite Entertainment November solicits

The comic based off the game based off the book for ‘Warhammer 40k: Eisenhorn’

Marvel teases ‘MU’ with Mcniven and Cullen Bunn as the artist





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