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Things That Happened The Week Of

Hello and welcome to this edition of Things That Happened The Week Of AKA the week where we lost Gene f#cking Wilder. 

We start out on a bummer note because not only did we lose the great Gene Wilder but we also lost one of the best character actors you didn’t know about in Jon Polito. The guy has shown up in Seinfeld and many Cohen Brothers films. But like many weeks in 2016, we must persevere and talk about the positives, like our latest Lingering Stare featuring the indy title, The Final Station. We also launched our newest segment; Jerkbag Edition, where I play through an adventure game making the jerkiest meanest decisions allowed and our first official Jerkbag game is Telltale’s Game of Thrones, I urge you to check it out.

There’s plenty of fun stuff to check out this week in the form of HBO’s Westworld and The Young Pope trailers. Both look like they are ready to take over the fall months. We have more Mary Jane drama, Stranger Things gets a second season (of course) and Jason Voorhees murders a bunch of teenagers in a video game. All that and much more after the jump!



All-New ANTiFanboy Podcast #168

Lingering Stare – The Final Station

Watch the full Jerkbag Edition of ‘Game of Thrones’

Deathstroke confirmed for the solo ‘Batman’ film?

PS Plus for September 2016


Moviesjon polito

RIP Gene Wilder

RIP Jon Polito

We have Chris Pratt to thank for Kurt Russell being in ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’

Ian McDiarmid AKA Emperor Palpatine confirms his ‘Rogue One’ status

Jon Favreau reprises role in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

The saga of who’s playing Mary Jane continues
In Dubious Battle – Trailer

The Greasy Strangler – Red Band Trailer

Mascots – Netflix Trailer



Alison Bree joins Netflix series GLOW

‘Let the Right One In’ is getting a pilot over at TNT

Bill Nye is getting another science show over at Netflix

Surprising literally no one, ‘Stranger Things’ is getting a second season

‘Stranger Things’ creators want to go all “James Cameron” for season 2

We already have details on some new characters appearing in season 2

Barb from ‘Stranger Things’ is joining ‘Riverdale’

Marvel is shopping around a ‘New Warriors’ TV series starring Squirrel Girl

Marc Maron joins Netflix’s GLOW

Greg Berlanti is trying to bring ‘Black Lightning’ to TV
Westworld – Mature Trailer

The Young Pope – Trailer


Video Gamesthe walking dead

Forza Horizon 3’ is bringing the Halo Warthog

‘Eve Online’ is free to play

‘Titanfall 2’ will have its first good map via DLC

‘Dragon Quest 8’ on 3DS delayed into 2017

A somewhat compromised version of ‘Super Mario Maker’ is coming to 3DS

EA continues the will they/won’t they? Saga of the ‘Mass Effect’ remasters

Telltale’s ‘Batman’ episode 2 gets a release date

‘Firewatch’ is making its way to the Xbox One

Season 3 of ‘The Walking Dead’ is coming out in November
Watch Dogs 2 – Gameplay

Final Fantasy XV – 30 minutes of Gameplay

Titanfall 2 – Meet the Titans

Gears of War 4 – Horde 3.0
ReCore – Launch Trailer

Friday the 13th – PAX West Trailer



Greg Land added to mysterious ‘MU’ title

The ‘MU’ announcements keep on coming

Nighthawk is getting cancelled over at Marvel

DC is pitting the Justice League against the Suicide Squad





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