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Things That Happened The Week Of

Hello and welcome to another edition of Things That Happened The Week Of which many will just remember as “E3 Week”. Obviously that’s not the only thing that happened these last seven days but it is by far the most impactful. We got some bad news that The Lego Movie is getting delayed for a long long time and Marvel is bringing back The Clone Saga because F@#K you that’s why. E3 dominated headlines with some great reveals and you can check out a new ANTiFanboy Singles and find every E3 trailer right here. Enjoy!


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All-New ANTiFanboy Podcast #157

Things That Happened The Week Of

ANTiFanboy Singles – E3 and Tone

The Problem With Gears of War 4

Every E3 Game Trailer


Movieslego movie

RIP Janet Waldo

Donald Glover joins ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

BUMMER ALERT: ‘The Lego Movie 2’ gets a big delay

Marvel is returning to SDCC this year

Martin Starr joins ‘Spider-Man Homecoming

That nun from ‘Conjuring 2’ is getting a spinoff

RUMOR: Marvel’s Phase 4-5 has leaked

Pete’s Dragon- Trailer

Ben-Hur – Trailer 2

31 – Teaser

Moana – Teaser



Netflix is bringing back ‘The Office’ (UK)… sort of

‘Gotham’ is recasting Poison Ivy

‘Curb Your Enthusiasm’ is coming back

‘Horace & Pete’ may return for a second season

First Look: ‘Samurai Jack’ looks pretty intense

‘Supergirl’ has found it’s Superman

The Night Of – Seeing Trailer


Video Gameszelda-breath-of-the-wild

New ‘God of War’ details

‘God of War’ will have a “son” button

Sony President “surprised” by Scorpio announcement

There will be no Gamepad features in ‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’

‘Battleborn’ is adding Microtransactions

‘Final Fantasy 12’ lets you speed up gameplay

PlayStation VR priced and dated

‘Resident Evil VII’ demo not part of main game

Don’t expect any ‘Project Scorpio’ exclusive titles

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ details

‘South Park: The Stick of Truth’ is coming to current gen

‘Gwent’ will have multiple 10+ hour story campaigns

Don’t expect ‘Elder Scrolls 6’ anytime soon

‘Crackdown’ officially delayed into 2017

Microsoft lets you design your own controllers

Indie darling ‘Stardew Valley’ makes its way to consoles

Microsoft introduces the Xbox S

‘Batman – The Telltale Series’ images dropped

Apparently ‘No Man’s Sky’ was in a secret legal battle for three years over the word “Sky”

‘Bayonetta 3’ is in the works says creator

‘Dead Rising 4’ is a timed exclusive for Xbox One


Comicsclone saga

The Clone Saga returns (BOOOOOO) in ‘Spider-Man – Dead No More’

Dark Horse September Solicits

What the Kingpin is up to during ‘Civil War II’





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