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Things That Happened The Week Of

Happy New Year all! It’s the first Things That Happened The Week Of for the year of 2017 AKA RIP all your favorite things.So we are starting off the year on a somber note because 2016 wasn’t done with us yet, as we lost both Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds who starred in Singin in the Rain. That’s two generations of film stars snuffed out in less than 24 hours.

That was 2016 though, 2017 is the time to move forward and while yes, many celebrities are still doomed to die in the future, lets move ahead and at least appreciate the few good things the last week of 2016 gave us.

You can now vote for the first part of our 2016 ANTiFanny Awards including heavy hitters like best game, best movie, best comic and much more. You can look fondly on how f@#king lit the first six months of cinema are going to be in 2017 as well. All that and more below!


RIP Carrie Fisher

All-New ANTiFanboy Podcast #185 – 2016 ANTiFanboy Nominees Part 1

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Things That Happened The Week Of – 12/25/16

The Film Forecast for the first half of 2017 looks good like, really really good

Double Dragon 4 is coming and it looks just how you want it to

PS Plus for January 2017

Trailer – Alien: Covenant 



RIP Debbie Reynolds

Michael Fassbender unsure if he wants to carry the ‘X-Men’ franchise any longer

Ryan Gosling is going to the Moon in Neil Armstrong Biopic



Turns out CGI-ing a flaming skull on someone’s head is pretty expensive


Video Games

Pixel Games company shutting down, cancelling title



Brian Michael Bendis is ending his ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ run

Aspen March 2017 solicits

IDW March 2017 solicits





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