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Things That Happened The Week Of

It’s Super Bowl Sunday but who cares about all that. Here’s the weekly round of for Things That Happened The Week Of. A surprising many things are afoot, considering it’s the week of Super Bowl, which is the biggest ratings monster of the year by a mile. We just had a lot of stuff happen this week, chief among them was Ben Affleck announcing that he is no longer directing The Batman. Which I covered in detail in the latest ANTiFanboy Singles. We also had the great Beauty and the Beast trailer, Black Lighting is getting his own CW show, a fan 2.5 remake of Mega Man 2 was released and much more. Everything can be found and enjoyed right below, enjoy!


ANTiFanboy Podcast #190 – Resident Podcast

ANTiFanboy Singles – Batfleck and the current state of the DCEU

Things That Happened The Week Of 1/29/17

PS Plus for February 2017



‘Aquaman’ has found its Black Manta

HBO is making a movie about the making of ‘The Godfather’

Antoine Fuqua leaves ‘Scarface’ remake

James Cameron to finally start filming all 15 of his ‘Avatar’ sequel in August

Ben Affleck steps down as director for ‘The Batman’

Nicole Kidman in talks to join ‘Aquaman’

Denis Villeneuve is officially directing ‘Dune’

Diego Luna cast as new Scarface

‘The Lego Movie 2’ finds a director

Beauty and the Beast – Final Trailer

Jawbone – Trailer

Headshot – US Trailer

The Lego Batman Movie – Gotham Cribs

Fist Fight – Red Band Trailer

The Black Coats Daughter – Trailer

Life – Trailer 2



Conor McGregor says he’s not appearing in ‘Game of Thrones’

Peter Capaldi is ending his run as The Doctor in ‘Doctor Who’

‘Lucha Underground’ is coming to Netflix

Teri Hatcher joins ‘Supergirl’

Marvel has cast their Cloak & Dagger

Marvel has found the cast for ‘The Runaways’

‘Black Lightning’ is coming to the CW with his own show

Kevin Sorbo joins ‘Supergirl’


Video Games

RIP Masaya Nakamura the founder of NAMCO

Nintendo has given a “price range” for their online service

Megaman 2.5D is an unofficial ‘Megaman 2’ with 2.5D graphics and is free

A remaster of ‘Final Fantasy XII’ is coming

‘Yooka Laylee’ goes Gold

Fans make a fully playable ‘Metroid’ prequel

Don’t expect a new ‘Deus Ex’ game anytime soon

‘Mutant League Football’ is back on Kickstarter but this time they are offering a Demo

The coming PS4 4.5 Update is going to have a “Boost Mode” for PS4 Pro owners

It’s also coming with external hard drive support FINALLY

‘Mafia 3’ story DLC is dated

Mega Man 2.5D – Trailer

Resident Evil VII – Banned Footage DLC Trailer

Double Dragon IV – Launch Trailer

Titanfall 2 – Live Fire Mode

Injustice 2 – Black Canary Gameplay



RIP Dan Spiegle

Dynamite Entertainment April solicits

Image April solicits

Avatar Press April solicits

Details leak about the next DC Event Comic

‘X-Men GOLD’ is getting back to the classics

Image is donating all the Womens History month variants profits to planned paranthood





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