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Things That Happened The Week Of

Greetings and welcome to today’s edition of Things That Happened The Week Of AKA the week where 2017 fired up its engines.As far back as fall last year we knew 2017 was going to be a fire cracker of a year, we even have proof. This week we had not one but two great films drop in the form of The Lego Batman Movie and John Wick: Chapter 2. It’s safe to say that both films delivered and in addition we got some great trailers in the coming Ninjago Movie and the Netflix series Iron Fist. 

The Batman has found a new director in Matt Reeves who has done wonders with the Planet of the Apes sequels and The Halloween movie is getting some creative input from the most unlikely of sources in the form of Danny McBride. Castlevania is coming to Netflix, Kevin Smith is going back to the well, South Park: The Fractured But Whole got delayed and much more after the jump!


All-New ANTiFanboy Podcast #191 – Ben Affleck is a 5 Star Fire Emblem character

Things That Happened The Week Of 2/5/17

‘Iron Fist’ Netflix Trailer

Samurai Jack is Back! – ‘Samurai Jack’ Season 5 Trailer



‘War for the Planet of the Apes’ director has signed on to direct ‘The Batman’

Thandie Newton in talks to join ‘Han Solo’ film

‘World War Z’ sequel pulled from future line up

‘Friday the 13th’ reboot/sequel gets cancelled

‘Scary Movie’ team at work on a ‘Star Wars’ spoof not named ‘Space Balls’

David Fincher interested in directing ‘World War Z 2’

‘The Batman’ is getting a new script

Kevin Smith is making a ‘Jay and Silent Bob’ sequel

Will Smith leaves ‘Dumbo’ project

David Gordon Green and Danny McBride are working on the ‘Halloween’ reboot

‘Thor: Ragnarok’ director’s next project is a movie about Michael Jackson’s monkey Bubbles

Infinity War – First Look

The Lego Ninjago Movie – Trailer

The Beguiled – Trailer

Life – Trailer 2

It Comes at Night – Trailer

Aftermath – Trailer

The Circle – Trailer 2

Goon 2: The Last of the Enforcers – Trailer 2
The Ticket – Trailer

Teen Titans: The Judas Contract

Guardians of the Galaxy 2 – Extended Super Bowl Spot

Pirates of the Caribbean: Dead Men Tell No Tales – Super Bowl Spot

Transformers: The Last Knight – Super Bowl Spot

The Fate of the Furious – Super Bowl Spot

Snatched – Official Trailer



RIP Richard Hatch

There’s a good chance you’ll never see ‘Star Trek Deep Space Nine’ and ‘Voyager’ getting Blu-Ray releases

‘Attack of Titan’ season 2 gets a release date

Netflix is working on a ‘Castlevania’ animated series with Warren Ellis on writing duties

‘The Oa’ gets a second season

‘Orange is the New Black’ season 5 gets a date announcement

James Marsters and others cast as the evil parents in ‘Runaways’

The ‘Castlevania’ showrunner is also working on an R-Rated ‘Power Rangers’ Reboot

Bill Nye Saves The World – Netflix Trailer

Stranger Things – Super Bowl Spot


Video Games

‘Drawn to Death’ gets an April release date

‘South Park: The Fractured But Whole’ delayed into possibly next year

‘Call of Duty’ to “Return to its roots” says Activision

‘Destiny 2’ coming this year says Activision

‘Rocket League’ finally made a deal with Hot Wheels

Valve is killing off Steam Greenlight

Halo Wars 2 – Launch Trailer

Little Nightmares – Gameplay Video

Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild – Breath Trailer

Street Fighter V – Kolin reveal Trailer

Horizon Zero Dawn – The Machine Trailer

ARMS – Character and Weapon Introduction Trailer



DC May solicits

First Look at RL Stine’s ‘Manthing’

Marvel’s ‘Secret Empire’ Event detailed

‘Luke Cage’ ongoing announced

Gumby is coming back in comic form





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