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Things That Happened The Week Of

Hi and welcome to this weeks edition of Things That Happened The Week Of AKA the one where my computer broke.I’m sure there were other more important things that happened but honestly, having your computer slowly die a gruesome death is pretty frustrating. Anyway on with the news!

We hit you with a 1-2 Combo of Iron Fist – Special Origins and ANTiFanboy Singles this week for great exclusive content. We also got some great trailers in the form of The Bad Batch, Ghost in the Shell, and Thor’s triumphant return with his roommate.

More bad news for Batman fans as talks with Matt Reeves are reportedly breaking down. Mel Gibson is circling directing Suicide Squad 2 of all things and rumors persist that Ben Affleck is looking to get out of the Batman business altogether. Spawn side characters Sam and Twitch are getting a TV show, Scalped has cast its Dash Badhorse, Legend of Zelda is getting a season pass (Hint hint ANTiFanboy Singles) and a ton of comic book news all after the jump! Enjoy.


All-New ANTiFanboy Podcast #192 Lego John Wick Chapter Two

Things That Happened The Week Of 2/12/17

ANTiFanboy Singles – Nintendo DLC

Iron Fist – Special Origins

‘The Bad Batch’ is the best trailer this week

‘Ghost in the Shell’ drops a second full trailer 

Thor returns! With his roomate Darryll



Matt Reeves talks breaking down over directing ‘The Batman’

Sophie Turner says she’s about to start shooting an ‘X-Men’ film

HBO is working on an Andre the Giant documentary

RUMOR: Ben Affleck looking to get out of the ‘Batman’ game altogether

Robert Downey JR signs off with Director Richard Linklater for a “Con-Movie”

Live action ‘Mulan’ has found a director

Warner Bros. is talking to Mel Gibson of all people to direct ‘Suicide Squad 2’

Frank Grillo is remaking ‘The Raid’

‘Logan’ director would love to have an X-23 spinoff

Another ‘Purge’ movie is coming

The House – Official Trailer

Sandy Wexler – Trailer

The Devil’s Candy – Trailer

The Void – UK Teaser

Colossal – Trailer 2



The game ‘Costume Quest’ is getting it’s own TV show

The ‘Scalped’ pilot has landed a director

‘Lucifer’ gets a third season

New season of ‘American Horror Story’ to be based on the 2016 election

Kevin Smith is working on a ‘Sam & Twitch’ show

‘Scalped’ has cast its lead character Dash Badhorse

Castle Rock – HULU Teaser

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt – Season 3 Teaser

FEUD – Bette and Joan – Trailer

The Leftovers – Final Season Teaser

The Sinner – Trailer

Silicon Valley Season 4 – Teaser Trailer
Archer – Season 8 Trailer


Video Games

The Japanese version of ‘Resident Evil 7’ is slightly censored

‘Rocket League’ to get a PS4 Pro patch

‘Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild’ is getting a $20 Season Pass

‘Crash Bandicoot N’Sane Trilogy’ priced and dated

Microsoft switches up their E3 Press Conference date

Sony stops PS Now on PS3 Vita and PS TV

Concept art leaked from a cancelled Sony Santa Monica IP

Mass Effect: Andromeda – Combat Tutorial

Dawn of War 3 – Prophecy

Almost 30 minutes of NieR: Automata Gameplay

Injustice 2 – Introducing Swamp Thing

Injustice 2 – Here Comes the Girls

Over 14 Minutes of Surge Gameplay


Marvel announces ‘Peter Parker: The Spectacular Spider-Man’ ongoing

Batwoman’s ‘Rebirth’ leads her to the same places

‘Mystery Science Theater 3000’ is teaming up with Dark Horse for an ongoing

DC heroes are teaming up with Looney Toons

Marvel announces ‘Generations’

Baby Groot is getting his own book

Blood Bowl is getting its own comic series

Marvel Zombies are returning in a unique format

‘Tekken’ returns to comics with a brand new creative team

Vertigo founder Karen Berger is launching her own imprint




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