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Things That Happened The Week Of 4/24/2016

Hello and welcome to this week’s edition of Things That Happened The Week Of for the week of 4/24/2016

Kind of a slow week, truth be told, we had all our Marvel news last week is prep for Civil War and we received more details on the now unofficially named ‘PlayStation Neo’ which will probably herald a new age where we upgrade our consoles like cell phones (because that’s the best part of having a smart phone).

We got our first glimpse of Rita Repulsa in Power Rangers and Joss Whedon extends a mea culpa to the troubled Age of Ultron production. The DC imprint Vertigo undergoes (another) big shake up and the Inhumans film is pulled from the release schedule. All that and more after the jump!


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Comic-Book-Moment #65

Things That Happened The Week Of 4/17/16


Joss Whedon kind of felt bad for trashing ‘Age of Ultron’

Willem Dafoe cast for a role in ‘Justice League’

First look at Rita Repulsa in ‘Power Rangers’

They are making an interactive ‘Twilight Zone’ movie and a prominent video game creator is attached

‘Blade Runner 2’ pushed up

Will X-23 appear in ‘Wolverine 3’?

Emilia Clarke says she’s done with ‘Terminator’ franchise

RDJ joins ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’

Looks like Michael Keaton has passed on a role in ‘Spider-Man’

The “Hasbro Cinematic Universe” has a strong writers room

Disney officially pulls ‘Inhumans’ from the film schedule

Frank Kranz joins ‘The Dark Tower’

Sigourney Weaver is still confident that Neil Blomkamp’s ‘Aliens’ is coming
Warcraft – Trailer 2

The Founder – Trailer

Jason Bourne – Trailer

The Infiltrator – Trailer

The Magnificent Seven – Teaser Trailer

The Do-Over – Red Band Trailer
Mike and Dave Need Wedding Dates

Independance Day: Resurgence – Trailer 2


RIP Doris Roberts

‘Castle’ lead Stana Katic leaves show

First look of Danny Rand looking homeless

Echoing ‘Fargo’ there is now a ‘Snatch’ TV series in the works

‘Krypton’ show gets a pilot order

There is a new ‘Doctor Who’ companion
Game of thrones – Event Trailer


Sony (finally) adding 2-step verification for PSN purchases

Sega adding official mod support on Steam

The president of Platinum Games is stepping down

‘The Walking Dead: Michonne’ concludes next week

The specs of the PS4: Neo

Gamestop starts collecting developers

‘Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst’ delayed again

‘Borderlands 3’ confirmed as the next Gearbox project

‘Tekken x Street Fighter’ is on hold
Street Fighter V – Guile Trailer

Mafia 3 – One Way Road Trailer
Star Fox Zero – The Beginning


Skottie Young leaves ‘Rocket Raccoon’

Aspen July Solicits

DC July Solicits

Dynamite July Solicits

Image July Solicits

Marvel July Solicits

Valiant July Solicits

Big shakeups over at Vertigo

A big return is coming to Marvel

Civil War II – Choose Your Side Trailer





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