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Things That Happened The Week Of 5/8/2016

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of Things That Happened The Week Of for the week of 5/8/2016.

Obviously the big story here is that Captain America: Winter Soldier released this week and so everything is taking a back seat as a result. The good news however, is that means the summer movie season has officially begun and I break down every movie worth your time whether it’s a big budget superhero film, or an indy darling. In addition to me slaving away for the masses; we got our first look at the Power Ranger suits, found our “young” Han Solo, got a double dose of Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare and Battlefield 1 trailers and delve deeper into DC’s sexual harassment scandal.

All that and more after the jump. Enjoy!



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Entertainment Weekly

Entertainment Weekly

It’s ‘Space Jam 2’ rumor time again

Our first look at the ‘Power Rangers’ reboot official costumes

Adam Mckay (director of Ant-Man, The Big Short) to direct ‘Irredeemable’

They are remaking ‘Puppet Master’ and only I care about it

‘Star Wars’ was going to be even bigger amit new Boba Fett information

‘Avengers: Infinity War part 1&2’ will be retitled

Arnold Schwarzenegger to return to comedy with ‘Why we’re killing Gunther’

The new Han Solo has officially been cast

Michael Giacchino to score ‘Doctor Strange’

Russell Crowe and Tom Cruise to team up in a ‘Mummy’ movie

Captain Marvel was kind of/sort of/maybe spoiled for ‘Infinity War’

Which bad guys can we expect to see in the ‘Batman’ standalone

Ben Affleck is the executive producer on ‘Justice League’

Marvel keeps saying they want a ‘Black Widow’ film but the question is when?

The Nice Guys – Final Trailer

The Shallows – Trailer 1

The Wailing – Trailer 1

Urge – Trailer 1



‘Supergirl’ may jump ship over to CW while facing renewal problems





Titanfall developer is working on a ‘Star Wars’ title

‘Dishonored 2’ has a pretty talented voice cast boasting Sam Rockwell and Rosario Dawson

Oculus Rift pre orders are getting more and more confusing

No ‘Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare’ for PS3 and Xbox 360

Rumor: ‘Watch Dogs 2’ to have a new protagonist

From Software (Dark Souls 3, Bloodborne) to deliver a new IP in 2017

‘Quantum Break’ seemingly “fixed” for PC

‘Mighty No. 9’ goes gold and gets new release date

New ‘Battlefield’ title to take place in alternate WW1 timeline

‘Warhammer 40,000 Dawn of War III’ announced

Battlefield 1 – Announce Trailer

Call of Duty: Infinite Warfare – Announce Trailer

Dawn of War III – Announce Trailer

Persona 5 – Trailer

Doom – Launch Trailer

Dead By Daylight – 20 Minutes Of Gameplay

Far Harbor – Fallout 4 DLC



‘Green Arrow’ writer calls his Ollie Queen a “Social Justice Warrior”

DC’s Variant Rebirth covers for the month of June

Is DC implicit in sexual harassment scandal?

Samurai Logan returns in ‘Old Man Logan’

Jim Steranko to make a whole years worth of variant covers for Marvel

Marvel announces two new ‘Civil War II’ tie ins

Bummer Alert! Sara Pichelli to leave ‘Spider-Man’ temporarily



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