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Things That Happened The Week Of

Hello and welcome to  double sized edition of Things That Happened The Week Of for both the weeks of 5/29 and the previous week.

I was away from a computer for the majority of these last few weeks but that doesn’t mean I didn’t look under every rock to find all the juicy news for you. Last week it was all about Captain America being bad for an issue and then the internet getting SO mad you guys. Like, death threat mad. Rebirth happened, the fabled “Netflix of comics” is slowly becoming a reality.

We are getting close to a casting for Captain Marvel, The Flash lands a director and Star Wars reshoots portend some bad news. Capcom continues to be Capcom and we find out that Microsoft may be working on not one but two(!) more systems all surely to be announced at E3 in a couple of weeks.

I hope you enjoy the double sized issue full of news all of which you can find right below. Enjoy!


All New ANTiFanboy Podcast #154

All New ANTiFanboy Podcast #155

Comic Book Moment #68

Apocalypse: Special Origins

AFB Drive By: X-Men Apocalypse


Moviesplanet Hulk

Prepare for ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Ultimate Edition’

Jake Gyllenhaal reteams with Ubisoft for the film adaptation of ‘The Division’

Brie Larson in talks for ‘Captain Marvel’ role

Reshoots ordered for ‘Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’ and the news is not good

Expect shades of the ‘Planet Hulk’ story to end up in ‘Thor: Ragnarok’

Looks like we have our ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ baddie

Tom Hiddleston in talks for ‘James Bond’

The villains in the now defunct ‘Spider-Man 4’

The Flash lands ‘Dope’ Director

Changes are coming to Jason Voorhees’ origin

TJ Miller joins ‘Ready Player One’

Jeff Bridges joins ‘Kingsmen’ sequel

‘IT’ has a new Pennywise

BUMMER ALERT: No Kingpin in ‘Spider-Man: Homecoming’ says star

Jesse Eisenberg confirms role in ‘Justice League’

Sam Mendes confirms he is done directing ‘Bond films’

Even Jeremy Irons didn’t like ‘Batman v Superman’

Geoff Johns announces the official title of ‘Justice League’

Marvel big-wig Joe Quesada says Marvel has the rights back for ‘Namor’

James Gunn broke the internet when he showed up on instagram wielding Thor’s hammer

Gillian Anderson joins ‘American Gods’

Kingsglaive Final Fantasy XV – Trailer

Beauty and the Beast – Teaser Trailer


‘Westworld’ is premiering this fall on HBO

Netflix orders Womens Wrestling show

FX officially picks up ‘Legion’ TV series

Bill Hader’s HBO hitman show gets picked up

A third season for ‘True Detective’ seems unlikely


Video Gamesno mans sky

PS Plus for June 2016

Games with Gold for June 2016

Capcom missed the mark – Ibuki delayed until end of June

‘Fable Fortune’ makes its way onto Kickstarter

Rumor: Microsoft is planning on announcing two “new” Xbox systems at E3

Rumor: Nintendo seeing to add VR Support to NX causing the delay to 2017

‘Just Cause 3’ just got Mech DLC

‘No Man’s Sky’ delayed to August

‘The Division’ 1.2 Patch Notes

Nintendo announces they are showing a bit more than just ‘Zelda’ at E3

Ready at Dawn’s new game is a physics brawler

‘Titanfall 2’ leaks detail grappling hooks and more

Street Fighter V: Ibuki Trailer

I am Setsuna – Trailer

Killer Instinct – Gargos Trailer

Mighty No 9 – Masterclass


ComicsHail Hydra

So there are three Jokers running around the DCU now

Dan Abnett signs exclusive deal with DC

So uhh ‘Captain America’ huh?

So uhh ‘Rebirth’ huh?

Comixology announces “unlimited” service





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