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Things that happened the week of 02/15/2015

So there wasn’t really one HUGE announcement in the world of popular media this. Just lots of little fun things that add up to a somewhat satisfying week of news. I mean, critics and fans mostly agree that we don’t exactly want our $60 to have less than a dozen hours of game play, let alone half that. But until sales figures are out we won’t know if this is just a lot of bluster or if we really mean it this time.

In other news, Jared Leto wants to be Fat Joker and plastic instruments may make a comeback. DC may have lost a media battle with a 11 year old girl and Spawn may start tearing throats in Mortal Kombat. Also Aquaman looks F*cking SCARY. All that and more down below



RIP Harris Wittels

Last Week Tonight with John Oliver gets renewed by HBO

Randy Newman may have mentioned something about a musical and Pixar in the same statement

Mark Ruffalo talks future outings with the Incredible One…

Terminator GENISYS is going to break records because IMAX

Matthew Vaughn would have traded Quicksilver for the JUGGERGUN!

BREAKING NEWS! Fans of a book will be disappointed by the TV/Movie version

I guess the Deadpool movie wanted a colossus who could well… act

Zack Snyder tweets a picture of how absolutely terrifying Khal Dro- err I mean Aqua Man is going to look

Mission Impossible 5 has halted production to write a better ending because Hollywood

Fox orders a Lucifer TV show based off of Neil Gaiman’s Upcoming WB movie ‘Sandman’

Jared Leto wants to be a fat Joker

Steven Spielberg wants to pile onto the Chris Pratt Indy Jones rumors

The Emmys get some new rules

Looks like Neil Blomkamp is going to get his ALIEN movie afterall!

Kodi Smit McPhee gets casts as young Nightcrawler

So apparently Crusher Creel was a pro boxer like a dozen years before he was a 30 something Hydra bad guy in Agents of Shield

Gotham’s Doctor Thompson is going shooting and stabbing in Deadpool

Dan Aykroyd still wants to make that third traditional Ghostbusters movie

Kill Me Three Times Red Band Trailer

More trailer – Less Teaser House of Cards Season 3

Bates Motel: Season 3 trailer

JCVD fights for his kidneys in ‘Pound of Flesh’

Mad Men Season 7 trailer

The best/longest look yet at the Powers series


Video Games

Hyrule Warriors to get ManBearPig DLC next month

The studio working on the Phantom Dust reboot has shut down

SquareEnix wants to hear your ideas for a Fear Effect and Gex game

Evil Within DLC is coming next month

People love their amiibos

The Last Guardian is it cancelled? Is it not? Does anyone care at this point?

amiibos will be able to play sections of old NES/SNES games

The Xbox One upload studio got waaaay beefier

So you know… ports are as popular as ever… so um… here’s a Darksiders 2 port!

Deep Down still exists says Capcom

Hey cheer up Xbox One owners, by the time you see this you should be able to play episode 2 of Game of Thrones no problem!

Nintendo working on apps for social networks and miis and has the world gone mad!?

New Telltale boss talks Minecraft Story and original IP

Get an idea for how Final Fantasy XV plays

Remember how half of those Assassins Creed chests required apps and all sorts of garbage? Well no more!

Todd McFarlane is saying that Spawn is going to be playable in Mortal Kombat X

I don’t know if I’m ready for a return of plastic instruments

A surprisingly good video package for WWE 2K15 DLC

Killer Instinct Aganos trailer

Make a difference with Playstation Heroes

Sonic Runners gets a gameplay trailer

Bloodborne Story trailer

Pokken is a game I like to pretend doesn’t exist


Comic Books

Marvel Comics Solicits for May 2015

DC Comics Solicits or May 2015

Valiant Comics Solicits

DC writers talk about DC’s endless Crisis

DC vs an 11 year old girl





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