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Things that happened the week of 03/01/2015

So I’m running a little behind on getting this up because apparently having a girlfriend means that you will eventually be the last person you know to not have watched all of Season 3 of House of Cards. So I had to go on a bit of a bender and finish it out so I could be a functioning part of society again.

Well this week is at least more uplifting than lasts… At least not another beloved actor that is related to majoy sci fi pop culture died. We got close! But we pulled through at least. Aside from that, we got ourselves a look at the New Supergirl outfit, there’s a new Age of Ultron trailer, Shovel Knight is getting cool new DLC and Marvel is trying their best to beat me down with the weight on new comics coming out. All that and more down below



Supergirl’s TV costume revealed

DC Superheroes are way more hardcore when you think about it

More Spidey details

Want to know how to get another Dredd movie?

HBO NOW detailed

Toy Story 4 will be a romantic comedy

Major Gotham character done with series?

The wonders of Instagram

Luke Cage will be more “adult” than previous Marvel movies/shows

Orange is the New Black and Wet Hot American Summer series dated

Russo Brothers sign ‘First Look’ deal with Sony

Bruce Lee’s daughter is working on a biopic for her father

Buffy + Star Wars = joy

Jeff Goldblum confirmed for Independence 2 sequel

Lino Esco lands lead female role in upcoming Lucifer show

Could we be shortening the amount of ‘Best Picture’ candidates?

Whedon talks “Documentary style” shooting of Avengers: Age of Ultron

Diablo Cody is working on the live action ‘Barbie’ script

Poltergeist is coming to theaters 2 months early

Wolverine 3 is set to shoot in 2016

Expendables is going to be a TV series now…


Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer

Dragon Ball Z: The Resurrection of F Trailer

Get Hard Red Band Trailer

Orphen Black Season 3 Trailer

Ryan Reynolds and Ben Kingsley star in Self/Less

Sir Ian McKellen is Mr. Holmes

Furious 7 Extended First Look

Veep Season 4 Trailer


Video Games

ANTiFanboy Steve discusses PS Plus vs. Games with Gold

Rock Band 4 is definitely coming back

Shovel Knight free DLC coming soon

Amplitude is also making a return

Shakeups at Microsoft

Project Morpheus release date narrowed down and specs revealed

Issues regarding PS4 version of Resident Evil Revelations 2 saves

New Mad Max information 

Unreal Engine 4 is now free

Playstation Now getting 5 more games

Umm Clayfighter is getting an HD Remaster… OK

PS4 Versions of Final Fantasy X and X-2 release dates announced

HBO Go is now Available on your PlayStation 4

Totally upfront company, Capcom add co-op to Resident Evil Revelations 2 on PC after initially lying about it and getting called out on it

Don’t hold your breath for a console version of Gone Home

In addition to new heists, GTA V is providing new game modes

Sony talks Free to Play

Phil Spencer talks Windows 10 and Xbox One at GDC

EA shutting down the studio behind Sim City

Take a look at The MGS V Collectors Set. Complete with Robo Arm

RUMOR: Microsoft is designing a new controller for the “Hardcores”

Playstation announces “Phantom Pain” Ps4 a pretty looking facelift

Elite Dangerous is coming to Xbox One and eventually PS4

Johnny Cage will be in Mortal Kombat X

Phil Spencer has confirmed that Microsoft has met with Sony and Nintendo to talk about ddos attacks

A look at some upcoming PS4 updates

Microsoft softens on Indie Parity Clause

Mortal Kombat X Mobile Games Trailer

Witcher 3 Gamplay at GDC

Castle Wolfenstein: The Old Blood

Warhammer End Times: Vermintide pre-alpha gameplay trailer

Looks like Shovel Knight is fueling the console wars fires

A trailer for the VERY pretty Gigantic

GDC Look at Blood Bowl 2

Ori and the Blind Forest Trailer

Comic Books

Bendis and Deodato Jr bring a new Guardians book

Battleworld gets a Battlemap for your battlecollection

Thanos throws down with the Guardians of the Galaxy first look

The OG JSA is coming back in Convergence




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