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Things That Happened The Week Of 07/26/2015

Hello again and welcome to another week in the life of nerd-life. Gamescom is this upcoming week so expect a lot of news on those Xbox One games you were expecting to hear about at E3.

This week however we had some DRAMA. Drama in the form of Channing Tatum possibly walking away from Gambit, drama in the form of co-creator of Spider-Gwen landing himself in some hot water over statements about marvel and drama about voting for PS+ games. Will it make things better? Or will we never see another good indie game ever again? Do we even WANT a Gambit movie? Ask yourself these questions and more down below.



Guys, it’s OK. Gambit is still happening

Get spooked with ‘Goodnight Mommy’

Johnny Depp and his hair piece in ‘Black Mass’

Chris Pine signs on to ‘Wonder Woman’ as love interest – Steve Trevor 

Retro Trailer for ‘Fantastic Four’

‘Batman v Superman’ & ‘Deadpool’ stills

Rachel McAdams has confirmed that she has met with execs for ‘Doctor Strange’

Mark Hamill to voice (shocker) The Joker in ‘The Killing Joke’

Tommy Lee Jones joins ‘Bourne 5’

‘Five Nights at Freddys’ finds its director

Tom Cruise wants to make a sequel to ‘Edge of Tomorrow’

More details about that OTHER ‘Ghostbuster’ Movie

That Ivan Reitman wants to pretend you didn’t hear him mention it before

Michael Douglas is not signed on to additional Marvel films

The ‘Shaft’ remake may end up being a comedy. Or at least an action-comedy

Jena Malone reportedly set to play (SPOILERS) in ‘Batman v Superman’

There’s a full length ‘Batman Begins’ Making of Documentary floating around for free

That ‘Crow’ reboot probably isn’t happening because the money has officially run out

‘The Night Before’ Red Band Trailer

‘Room’ Trailer

‘American Ultra’ Trailer



Jessica Jones is set to debut in 2015 according to Netflix

MTV Renews ‘Scream’ for a second season

Plot details for ‘Fuller House’ reveal changes in original plot

There could be up to 3 ‘Star Wars’ Netflix shows in  the near future


Video Games

Capcom wants you to know they are interested in doing a ‘Resident Evil 2 Remake’

PS+ Games for August 2015

PS+ to allow voting for your choice of free games

Xbox Live Games with Gold for August 2015

Feel inadequate in your ‘Rocket League’ skills with ‘Rocket League Cinema’ videos

Rocket League details first batch of DLC

‘Street Fighter V’ Beta postponed until further notice

Check out the AMAZING pre-order DLC trailer for ‘WWE 2K16’

GameStop to start selling refurbished PS4s with more Hard Drive space

The Witcher’s final piece of free DLC will be a new game + mode

PS4 is coming out with an official mouse and keyboard later this year

World of Warcraft Expansion to be announced at Gamescom

‘Dying Light’ gets an expansion

More Rare games possible as DLC – says developer

Brothers: A Tale of Two Sons’ is dated for Xbox One and PS4

Amplitude delayed to end of 2015

‘Lego Dimensions’ Worlds Collide Trailer

‘N++’ Launch Trailer

‘Total War: Warhammer’ Gameplay Footage

Zombi (Zombi U) PS4-Xbox One


Comic Books

‘Spider-Gwen’ co-creator finds himself in hot water over controversial comments

Bendis teases an ‘Iron Man’ spinoff book

Hercules returns with his own book

‘Black Knight’ is returning to the Marvel U

Dan Didio is done with rebooting the DCU





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