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Things That Happened The Week Of 08/09/2015

A fun but hectic week here at ANTiFanboy as D23 comes and goes and we only get glimpses of the information we REALLY want. DC is blazing ahead with their superhero shows and even entering the non superhero, superhero show space. We also have the first trailer for The Hateful Eight, an official announcement that the Resident Evil 2 remake is happening and Looney Toons DC cover variants for you. Enjoy!


Watch ‘The Hateful Eight’ Trailer

Tom Hardy is producing (at least) a ‘100 Bullets’ Movie

The Universal Monster movies will head back to their horror roots

Frank Grillo talks Crossbones

Check out these scenes from the ‘Fantastic Four’ trailer that didn’t make it into the film

The Punisher shows up on set for ‘Daredevil’

Ronda Rousey wouldn’t mind being the next Captain Marvel

Black Panther spotted on set on ‘Captain America: Civil War’

Details emerge for ‘Toy Story 4’

Relive Jack and the Beanstalk with Disney’s ‘Gigantic’

The Rock to star in next Disney animated film

DC rips off ‘Damage Control’ concept for TV comedy show

Dolph Lundgren is starring in a ‘Kindergarden Cop’ sequel

Brief details about upcoming ‘Doctor Strange’ film

‘Force Awakens’ poster shows off one of the main heroes rocking a lightsaber

Details for ‘Pete’s Dragon’ & ‘The Jungle Book’

First look at ‘Rogue One’ Cast and details

‘Jurassic World’ Director gets ‘Star Wars Episode IX’ job

Details for ‘Civil War’ footage drop

‘Sleeping With Other People’ Red Band trailer
‘Trumbo’ trailer

‘Ride Along 2’ trailer

‘Sicario’ trailer



‘Constantine’ lives on in ‘Arrow’

CW is heading to Camp Crystal Lake

Expect more heroes to show up in ‘Supergirl’

There are plans for a TV series of ‘The Notebook’

Your first look at Jay Garrick on ‘The Flash’

‘Fresh Prince of Bel-Air’ remake show in the works

‘Sesame Street’ is heading to HBO

‘Westworld’ teaser

‘Supergirl’ – A Hero Will Rise

‘Billions’ trailer

‘Doctor Who’ Series 9 Trailer


Video Games

The PS Plus Vote is officially live

The ‘Resident Evil 2’ Remake is official 

All the ‘MKX’ characters get unmasked in PC port

Latest ‘Dragon Age: Inquisition’ patch adds in new multiplayer character

Rockstar doesn’t want you making your own GTA V online modes

So why DID Bungie drop Dinklage?

There’s a 10 song incentive to pre-order ‘Rock Band 4’ on PS4

PS4 Firmware update to enable YouTube Streaming

‘Tales From The Borderlands’ Episode 4 is releasing next week

A Japanese radio drama about Metal Gear Solid from the 90s has been dubbed into english

The PlayStation Experience for 2015 has been dated and here are tickets

‘Rise of the Tomb Raider’ Gamescom demo


Comic Books

Deadpool & Cable series returns

All of Marvel’s Hip Hop Covers

You thought it was over? It’s never over! Secret Wars Too

Synder says he has one more Joker story to tell

DC gets Looney

Devil Dinosaur and Moon Girl get an ongoing over at Marvel



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