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Things that happened the week of 10/19/2014

It’s 2 AM and I am looking at the remnants of my media room as the previous night of Halloween partying has rendered it a Warzone. Empty beer bottles or no, I wasn’t going to let that ruin my Halloween Blu-Ray experience! And after my most recent viewing I have to assume the Cult of Thorns storyline is the only real explanation that makes sense for the amount of holes that get put into Michael by the end of just that first movie…

Speaking of hole! I’m sure you blew one through your own face after watching the leaked, then watching the HD version of the Avengers 2 trailer! Poor Disney, I know they wanted good ratings for the excellent Agents of SHIELD but it was not to be. Along with that is WB’s desire for a female director for Wonder Woman. Personally I’d look for the best director instead of trying to look good in the headlines but what do I know? All that and a ton of fun spooky videos after the jump!



Doctor Who Recap Flatline

Neil Gaiman explains why ‘Sandman’ wasn’t on the list of DC movies announced last week

Cabin Fever is being remade

Antman got another rewrite

Rob Riggle has covered wars ya know

We may be getting a new Pee Wee movie soon

Charlie Cox talks about Daredevil

We won’t be seeing The Conjuring 2 until 2016

Purists are probably going to hate Season 5 of Game of Thrones (spoilers probably)

The Scream TV show is not going to have ghostface

Guardians of the Galaxy soundtrack is being released on an actual cassette tape

The Hobbit movie, officially the most expensive film production

Christian Bale will be Steve Jobs and Aaron Sorkin is directing

So apparently Static Shock is going to be a live action show as well?

Adam McKay may direct a Marvel movie

The Mockingbird costume is leagues better than the Wonder Woman TV costume

Jesse Eisenberg’s Lex Luthor may crossover into Suicide Squad

Ray Fisher found out about the Cyborg standalone movie the same way we did

The actor portraying Ser Ilyn Payne is now cancer free

The final battle in The Hobbit is going to be around 45 minutes long

Edward Norton talks about his decision to not return to The Hulk

Disney loses film rights to John Carter

Warner Bros looking for a female director for Wonder Woman

Mortal Kombat is going to get a new TV show

Let’s not pretend you haven’t already seen this awesome Avengers 2 trailer

Insidious 3 trailer

Halo Nightfall trailer

Nightcrawler RedBand trailer


Video Games

Steve reviews Alien Isolation

Smash Bros update detailed

Jade Raymond, Assassin Creed/Watch Dogs producer leaving ubisoft

Xbox One update detailed

Shadow of Mordor gets new free DLC

A spooky 2-week deal for all things scary on PSN

Alien Isolation DLC drops next week

Hyrule Warriors to be able to use Amiibo

Phil Spencer is also annoyed by XBOX One install times

Mikami is all about the ladies

The Evil Within pre day 1 patch was apparantly dog sh!t on PS4

Titanfall gets an update

GTA San Andreas may get 360 release

Capcom to re-introduce parry in Street Fighter 4

Outlast 2 is in the works

Gears of War had roots and apparently Phil Spencer wants to get back to them

ANTiFanboy Presents Lingering Scare: Five Nights of Freddy

ANTiFanboy Presents Lingering Scare: Fatal Frame

Gameplay footage of Lucas Pope (of ANTiFanboy favorite Papers Please) new game Return of the Obra Dinn

Sunset Overdrive Launch Trailer

Nintendo Direct: Smash Bros Wii U Edition

A Demo walkthrough for Quantum Break

Sony explains Share Play

Amiibo Trailer

The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt opening cinematic




Comic Books

DC solicits are out for January 2015

Marvel solicits are out for January 2015

Marvel announces yet another old crossover from years past

At this rate Marvel may be able to make a weekly book of just crossovers

Vertigo to get an overhaul in 2015

Karen Berger, the woman behind every great book under Vertigo is a non believer of TV John Constantine

Every year this gets teased, hopefully the Ultimate line dies for good




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