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Things that happened the week of 11/09/2014

This post this week should really just be me gushing over all the really great movies I’ve seen this week. Seriously, I’ve seen Interstellar, Nightcrawler and Birdman in the span of 7-8 days. But because I care about you and the fact that you really could not give a damn about what I watch in dark rooms full strangers, I will tell you about all the cool stuff that happened this week.


New AFB writer Lewis gives his thoughts on the new Star Wars title

Maggie muses about Doctor Who before the final

Star Wars The Force Awakens is the official title of Episode VII

Jared Leto is heavily rumored to be playing The Joker in Suicide Squad

You will be able to watch a documentary on the Atari video game bubble bursting this month on XBOX Live

Showtime will be following HBO into 2015 subscription service

Christian BAILS on Steve Job Biopic

Rumor: Michael Fassbender to take over as Steve Jobs

Agent Carter is making an appearance in Antman

This sort of personal “Thank You” confirmes that Star Wars Episode VII is wrapped

There’s a chance people who have Direct TV may not be able to watch rest of The Walking Dead Season 5

Idris Elba lets it slip that he and Tom Hiddleston may be appearing in Age of Ultron

Chris Nolan apparently denied the motion for putting post credit stingers in Man of Steel

Chris Nolan denies denying stingers

David Benioff explains why Bran won’t be in Season 5 of Game of Thrones (I blame puberty)  

Will Ferrell and Mark Wahlberg will play funny people in “Daddys Home”

Joss Whedon has more reason than most to call the Marvel slate “Daunting”

Casting is done for ‘The Hateful Eight’

You know all that fun Disney and Marvel had about “Hydra” and the Avengers Age of Ultron leak? Yeah, They are actually pretty mad about it

There is going to be a Toy Story 4 and adult Devon and teen Devon are having an argument about it

Agent Carter Sneak Peek

Chappie is the name of Neil Blomkamp’s new film and here is where you can watch the trailer

Antman and Age of Ultron Sneak Peek

New ‘Into the Woods’ trailer

My God, this Hobbit trailer

“Offical” trailer for Birdman Returns


Video Games

We finally know what those amiibos will do for Mario Kart 8 (hint: not much)

We finally know what those amiibos will do for Hyrule Warriors (hint: not much)

EA had a MOBA game planned but decided to cancel it, because MOBA games are stupid

Weird but appreciated- Sony announces some PS Plus deals up to two months in the future

Cool I guess? GTA V for new gen will have a first person mode

Nintendo, the last real holdout of the region lock is thinking about changing

Witcher 3 is going to have a whole bunch of DLC…. that is going to be free. So “F” you other studios

Just Cause 3 screen leak implies micro transactions

One of 2014’s biggest critical busts is getting a sequel

Capcom is bringing Luigi’s Mansion to Arcades

Legend of Zelda Classic,Majora’s Mask coming to Nintendo 3DS

PS4’s Shareplay does not work with Call of Duty Advanced Warfare

Go tell the Bioware boss Aaryn Flynn how badly you want a Mass Effect remastering

New Mass Effect concept art

The next Mass Effect will be written by Halo 4 lead writer

Blizzard announces Overwatch shows new game footage


Comic Books

Do I really want to see a skinless Hank Pym? Attack on Titan and Marvel are doing a Crossover

Convergence is the name of the next huge DC event

Rumor: DC to put all comics on “hold” for April and May for their crossover Convergence

Marvel to maybe hit that full reboot button that worked “so well” for DC?

All those gross “crossover events” Marvel is planning for next year

At last, a FRESH Crossover event ‘The Black Vortex

Ellie Pyle, editor of Daredevil, Captain America and others is going West to DC

If true, this has to be some sort of record. Wolverine rumored to be alive already

The Walking Dead rules the charts in October

Rage of Ultron is a standalone graphic novel coming out and will in no way be supporting the Marvel movie




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