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Things that happened the week of 11/16/2014

A relativley quiet week where I lay in bed awake hours before I need to be on a Sunday because my brain was SCREAMING at me to get this thing out before 11. Maybe I’ll put my morning to good use trying to see Foxcatcher instead of spending all day in SURVIVOR SERIES Prep mode.

TV shows are all entering their mid-season finales, which is the worst invention since Congress. Maggie has her Doctor Who recap up for that and my Super Hero TV shows are winding down for the season as well. AFB Steve gives his XBOX ONE year one report card as Telltale slowly put out Game of Thrones information and If you needed to know what you absolutely HAD to buy comic wise in February, we have you covered. All that and more down below



Maggie recaps the Doctor Who finale

ANTiFanboy Devon’s Super Hero TV recap write up!

Paramount and AMC theaters wants you to see Interstellar an unlimited amount of times with this weird but strangely interesting deal

Chris Pratt wouldn’t rule out a Star Lord cameo on Agents of Shield

James Gunn talks Darkseid VS Thanos in comic book movies

The Russo Brothers being strongly considered to direct Avengers: Infinity War

Chris Pratt to make his first movie misstep with Cowboy Ninja Viking

Casting seems to be winding down for young(er) Scott and Jean in new X-Men

Sony wants out of the Steve Jobs biopic business

Mike Nichols, who directed ‘The Graduate’ has passed away

Better Call Saul gets a release date

Matt Smith and Natalie Dormer to co star in ‘Patient Zero

Zoolander 2 is coming out

Disturbing comment of the day: Gotham’s Showrunner doesn’t seem to know who Ra’s al Ghul is

Apparently they are making a Peanuts movie

Live Action Cinderella movie

Pitch Perfect was good enough to warrant a sequel


Video Games

ANTiFanboy Steve gives his one year report card on the XBOX ONE

Telltale’s Game of Thrones images pop up online

New Destiny update details

Killer Instinct strives to be the Darkstalkers of it’s generation with the addition of a Mummy character

Miyamoto calls games that ‘other companies’ are doing “Boring”.. He then promptly announces a new Mario game and wonders why he’s getting weird looks

You can watch Tales from the Borderlands live at the Alamo Drafthouse on November 24th

Just Cause 3 won’t have multiplayer

Evolve DLC maps will cost you nothing but an internet connection

HBO GO is now available on XBOX ONE (That sound is me throwing my PS4 into the trash)

Some fun GTA V New Gen easter eggs are popping up

EA thinks that XBOX is going to catch up

It’s official, the console wars are over! GTA V grass looks best on PS4

Nintendo being confusing about DLC

New Need for Speed game announced

Free Shadow of Mordor DLC lets you play as Lithariel

Take-Two CEO doesn’t think VR gaming is where it needs to be

Rumour: Windows live, 2K PSN, Comcast and other accounts hacked

XBOX ONE Early adopters are getting Limbo for free


Final Fantasy VII REMAKE….in Little Big Planet

Mordheim: City of the Dammed gameplay

Kan-Ra trailer


Comic Books

Shane’s Batman Eternal #33 review

DC February Solicits

Marvel February Solicits

Howard the Duck is getting an ongoing comic





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