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Things that happened the week of 11/23/2014

Hello and welcome to TRAILER WEEK. The week where some stuff happened but OH MY GOD DID YOU SEE THAT TRAILER? We started off with a sexy new Arkham Knight trailer, followed by a smooth Jurassic World trailer and then the main course the freaking Star Wars Episode VII Teaser! Also we had Microsoft getting laughed out of Japan, Nintendo losing a repair warehouse burning down all sorts of Nintendo products and Sony losing a lawsuit which means they have to shell out some cash to early adopter Vita users. 


LewisG analyzes the Star Wars teaser trailer

Michelle MacLaren is the official Wonder Woman director

Oscar Isaac (Inside Llewyn Davis) is going to be Apocalypse

Constantine has completed it’s 13 episode order. Unsure if it’s coming back for a second season

Christoph Waltz is going to be a Bond villain and it’s a big one

Christian Bale realized he loved being Batman after all

Sylvester Stallone says that the PG13 rating for Expendables 3 was a mistake

Taylor Kitsch and Rachel McAdams will be your True Detectives for season 2

Plot details emerge for the first Star Wars spinoff

Marc Guggenheim is warming up to the idea of superpowers on Arrow and it’s all Flash’s fault

Rumor: Matthew McConaughey will play the villain in the ‘Stand

Here this thing… Ridley Scott won’t be directing Blade Runner 2 nor will Harrison Ford be the main character

You will never hear about Gotham or Metropolis in Arrow or The Flash

Robert Kirkman admits that the CDC stuff in season 1 of ‘The Walking Dead’ was a bad idea

James Gunn thinks Shared Cinematic Universes are “flawed”

Guillermo del Toro handed in his Justice League Dark script

Independance Day 2 is happening

Star Wars Episode VII tease

Jurassic World Trailer

New Agent Carter TV Spot

Hugh Jackman is creepy looking in the first PAN trailer

The Arrow/Flash Crossover trailer

Another Jupiter Ascending international trailer


Video Games

Layoffs at Double Fine

Square Enix is coming out with a new RPG… that’s all

Somebody didn’t think Five Nights at Freddys was scary enough

Super trustworthy company, Ubisofts wants us to ignore early reviews of ‘The Crew’

So much in fact, that they aren’t releasing pre release review copies

UK Nintendo repair warehouse catches fire, destroys a bunch of Nintendo consoles

Farcry4 has secret alternate endings

343 Studios feels really bad about Halo matchmaking not working

Phil Spencer wants to bring JRPGs to the XBOX ONE

Watch Dogs on the Wii U is not selling great

PSN states there is no evidence of any recent hack of their system

If you bought a PS Vita before 6/1/2012 then Sony owes you money because they are stinky liars

Activision continues to miss the point- Attempting to remove youtube video showcasing Call of Duty: Advances Warfare glitches

Super Smash Bros is the fastest selling Wii U title

A seemingly exclusive PS4 game from Capcom is going to be announced soon

Sony and David Jaffe are making a new game

Sony realizing where the money is coming from. Plans to focus more of Playstation, less on smart phones and TVs

Playstation Plus for December

Games with Gold for December

Giving away free DLC is the new “Sorry about putting out a broken video game” AC Unity to get some free DLC

XBOX Japan boss resigns and heads back to US in light of terrible sales figures

Arkham Knight Gameplay trailer

Destiny’s first expansion: The Dark Below gets a trailer


Comic Books

DC announces ‘Convergence’ titles

Darkwing Duck Omnibus is being re-written against original writer’s consent

Check out the Avengers Team in ‘Ultron Forever’





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