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Things that happened the week of 12/14/2014

Welcome to a very late edition of “Things that happened the week of” You can thank family parties and Christmas shopping for that. The weird thing about the end of the year is there generally not that many new announcements going on in the news. That being said there’s no lack of DRAMA! The last few weeks the Sony hacks have been taking over headlines in almost every medium. The biggest story was Sony’s “Will they? Won’t they?” approach to releasing  the film, “The Interview”. First they were getting pressure from other studios, than the theaters. Then they decided to cancel the screening altogether. The President calls Sony a bunch of SISSIES. Sony goes aw “WTF bro?” Then the hackers go “aw it’s cool now, we don’t care” so with all that garbage. I guess we are getting the movie after all! So with that my brain hurts and enjoy all the goofy stuff that happened this week.



Among an All-Female Ghostbusters cast there were also rumblings of a Chris Pratt Channing Tatum Ghostbusters team up

Jeff Nichols director of Mud is rumored to direct Aquaman

Amy Adams talks Batman V Superman

The Spectre script was taken in the Sony Hack

Subscriptions are all the rage these days. AMC theaters to offer MoviePass

Viola Davis looks like she is your Amanda Waller in ‘Suicide Squad’

Tim Burton confirms Beetlejuice 2 in “news I’m fairly certain I’ve already covered”

The Walking Dead spinoff will be taking place in LA

Netflix will have a ‘Wet Hot American Summer’ miniseries

The week long “The Interview” drama finally settles with the original hackers saying that Sony is now allowed to show the movie

Unannounced Sony movie based in North Korea starring Steve Carrell shelved

Joss Whedon talks creating Ultron and how taxing Avengers 2 has been

Michael Pitt is being replaced as Mason Verger in Hannibal Season 3

New Daredevil stills
Live Action Cinderella trailer

Tak3n: 12 Skills of Christmas trailer

Get Hard trailer

True Story trailer

2nd American Sniper trailer


Video Games

2013 DMC is getting a new gen re-mastering

Charlie is returning to Street Fighter V

Assassin’s Creed Unity patch delayed

GTA V Heists are (finally) coming

Add this to the “I’ll believe it when I see it” category. Sony says “Truckload of content coming to the Vita

You only have a few days left to buy “Marvel Vs. Capcom: Origins” digitally

Sony is getting sued for misrepresenting Killzone

Microsoft/343 Studios is giving away “Halo:ODST” and other stuff as a result of the troubled launch of Halo: Masterchief Collection

Miyamoto, talks Wii U games, amiibos, a new console(!?) and more

Farcry 4 to add permadeath

Street Fighter V is using the Unreal Engine

The multi-gig AC Unity update patched…. something

Rockstar says future updates may be new gen only

Telltale working on a Minecraft game
Final Fantasy 15 English Trailer

Street Fighter V gameplay with Charlie Reveal

DMC Definitive Edition

GTA V Online Heists trailer

Killer Instinct Season 2: Riptor Trailer

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare DLC trailer


Comic Books

Shane soldiers on with his review of Batman Eternal #37

Marvel Solicitations for March 2015

DC Solicitations for March 2015

And DC cancelled a whole mess of books

CM Punk will write a Vertigo book either slightly before or slightly after getting mauled in his first mma fight

Marvel will release a Jack Kirby collection in 2015

Batman and Robin writers explain why Robin is back and why he has super powers

Spider-Woman gets a costume change

Marvel makes Ms. Marvel writer, G. Willow Wilson an exclusive

Batgirl writers apologize for transgender storyline because people are babies

DC brings back a Wonder Woman character




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