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Things That Happened The Week Of 1/24/2016

Hello and welcome to the January 24th edition of ‘Things that happened the week of’ AKA the week DC decided to take over.

There was a whole slew of cool and notable stuff that happened this week, most of all that Suicide Squad trailer that we all loved, then thought about it and decided we merely liked it because it reminded us of Guardians of the Galaxy but with Harley Quinn in booty shorts. But that’s far from everything, we got some delays that seem like they hurt but nobody but the most hardcore of Star Wars fans can get bummed over episode VIII being delayed when it’s already coming out in 2017. DC is also planning another reboot because things are going just fine over there.

All that and more right below.


The ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer

Oh yes. There is new ‘Wonder Woman’ footage for you to watch

Let’s Discuss: The ‘Suicide Squad’ trailer

Let’s Discuss: The ‘Suicide Squad’ poster

Be excited over this amazing ‘Keanu’ trailer

‘Terminator Genysis’ sequel scrapped from the schedule

That ‘Mummy’ remake nobody seems to want gets delayed into summer 2017

‘Star Wars Episode VIII’ delayed to December 2017

The ‘Spider-Man’ reboot gets pushed forward a few weeks

McG in talks to direct ‘Masters of the Universe’ remake

That ‘Popeye’ animated movie just won’t die

They are making a ‘Labyrinth’ remake because reasons

Basically, ‘Avatar 2’ is never coming out

Neighbors 2 – Official Trailer

The Invitation – Teaser



DC holds a media event over the big things in their future

And the questions about ‘Iron Fist’ keep on coming

‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ gets a 3rd season n Nextflix

Jordan Peele and Tracey Morgan are working on an FX show (yay)

HBO’s ambitious western…sci-fi….thing gets pushed back a little

‘Jessica Jones’ confirmed for a second season

‘Sons of Anarchy’ spinoff in the works

‘X-Men: Legion’ will be in it’s own universe says show creators

Jonah Hex cast in ‘Legends of Tomorrow’

Steven Moffat is leaving Doctor Who and it’s going to be a while before any new episodes release

The Exorcist’ is getting a TV show

Doctor Strange’s manservant, Wong has been cast

The Flash – Pretty Messed Up Extended Trailer

Pee Wee’s Big Holiday – Date Announcement

The Venture Bros – Season 6 Extended Trailer



Sony apologizes for outages, gives PS Plus owners 1 free additional day

So how big is the map for ‘The Division’ anyway

Three guesses if Konami will let the ‘Unreal Engine Metal Gear Solid Remake’ live

A “Teacher’s Edition” of ‘Minecraft’ is being created

Microsoft details some of the changes in the next system update

‘Mortal Kombat XL’ announced – comes with all the DLC

‘The Witcher 2’ is (currently) free and backwards compatible on Xbox One this week

Oh look, another NX rumor

Xbox One users are getting Rocket League with extra content

The head writer of ‘Dragon Age’ leaves Bioware after 17 years

‘Destiny 2’ delayed from September release date

EA Sports UFC 2 – Fight like Mike Tyson Trailer



Expect some delays: Jim Lee to draw ‘Harley Quinn’ ongoing

Marvel April 2016 Solicits

DC April 2016 Solicits

IDW April 2016 Solicits

The Winter Soldier is leading the new ‘Thunderbolts’ ongoing

To the surprise on no one. Steve Rogers is returning to take the mantle of ‘Captain America’

RUMOR: DC to undergo another linewide relaunch this summer

Scott Synder to leave ‘Batman’ for ‘Detective Comics’





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