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Things That Happened The Week Of 2/07/2016

Hello and welcome to the weekly, ‘Things that happened the week of’ the 2/7/2016 version. AKA the week where we are all waiting to see if Deadpool is any good.

We got our early E3 news for the week with Bethesda announcing that they are in fact hosting another press conference. We also got that sick ass Doom trailer. Civil War 2 gives us the core players and Supergirl is crossing over with the Flash. So that’s cool right?

Regardless there’s a lot to like down below so check it out!


Relax with this ‘Zoolander 2’ trailer

RIP Joe Alaskey

Noomi Rapace won’t be returning to the ‘Prometheus’ follow up: ‘Alien: Covenant’

X-Men Producer says he can’t imagine anyone replacing Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

Elizabeth Banks is your Rita Repulsa in the ‘Power Rangers’ reboot

‘Ghostbusters’ photos for you to point at

A whole bunch of funny people are working on a sci-fi comedy

In addition to a TV show there is also a ‘Macgyver’ movie in the works

Michael Pitt cast in ‘Ghost in the Shell’

Green Room – Red Band Trailer



The Supergirl/Flash crossover is happening

Joel Kinnaman joins ‘House of Cards’ cast

After losing the original showrunner ‘The Muppets’ hopes to start fresh

Training Day pilot picked up by CBS

‘Legends of Tomorrow’ is looking to go deep in the back catalogues for DC characters

The latest of the “cancelled-but-not-really-but-probably-still- is” ‘Teen Titans’

‘MacGyver’ is returning to TV in the form of a reboot

‘Orange is the New Black’ gets a big extension

Aubrey Plaza and others cast in ‘Legion’ TV show

Netflix Presents: The Characters – Official Trailer



Oh this Doom trailer

Whatever happened to that Batman video game?

Bethesda confirms E3 2016 show

Vote for Next Month’s free PS Plus game

An open beta for ‘The Division’ to take place in the near future

A lot of people bought ‘Splatoon’ from Nintendo but not a lot else

‘Metal Gear Online’ will add a playable ‘Quiet’ in March

Fire up the rumor mill, ‘Mother 3’ to come out west?

‘Uncharted 4’ is getting its own PS4 bundle

Mac and Linux versions of ‘Arkham Knight’ cancelled

Looks like Bruce Lee will be available in ‘UFC 2’

The Arbiter joins the Killer Instinct Roster

Song of the Deep – Reveal Trailer

Lego Star Wars: The Force Awakens – Announcement Trailer

Tekken 7: Retribution

SFV – Character Reveal Trailer – Ken



Bummer Alert: ‘Black Knight’ is getting cancelled

‘Civil War 2’ will be Iron Man vs. Captain Marvel

All those rumors about DC’s reboot/rebirth/relaunch





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