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Things That Happened The Week Of 2/21/2016 & 2/28/2016

Well what the heck is up guys? Welcome to a special double helping of ‘Things the happened the week of’ for both the weeks of 2/21 AND 2/28/2016. We skipped last week due to me being at a music and video game conference and then dying of sickness.

But that will never keep me away and I’ve decided (because I love you all) to cover both weeks of all the cool things that happened these last few weeks and sadly…. not a lot happened. We have some casting news and some fun new trailers but not a lot else. But I’m sure you guys are more than up to the task of finding a diamond in the rough. Enjoy!


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There’s going to be an ‘R’ rated ‘Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice’ cut

RIP Tony Burton

Jon Bernthal joins Edgar Wright’s next project

Zack Synder takes behind the scenes ‘Justice League’ photo showing off some costumes

Steven DeKnight signs on to direct ‘Pacific Rim 2’

Mad Max director is producing ‘Justice League: Part One’


Del Toro and Laura Dern join ‘Star Wars: Episode VIII’

‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ director James Gunn is not confident Hollywood will learn the right lessons from ‘Deadpool’

First look at the shane Black helmed ‘Predator’ sequel

‘IT’ looks like it’s going to be two different films both “R” rated

‘Death Race 2000’ gets a real sequel

Kurt Russell and more confirmed for ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ sequel

‘John Wick: Chapter Two’ now has a release date

‘Wolverine 3’ looks like it will be rated “R”

Looks like ‘Justice League’ is filming in April 2016




The second ‘Daredevil’ trailer is all about Elektra

So bad news for those hopeful for a ‘Punisher’ spinoff

‘Powerless’ casts is buffed by ‘Community’ and ‘Firefly’ alumni

Game of Thrones actor tapped for Iron Fist role

Sarah Michelle Gellar returning to ‘Cruel Intentions’ role for the pilot episode

‘Perfect Bones’ is Netflix’s new anime

‘Sons of Anarchy’ actor joins ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ cast


This ‘Game of Thrones’ trailer teases SPOILER

‘Daredevil’ wants you to know about The Punisher

Elektra Outfit Reveal Teaser

Taboo – FX Trailer



This ‘Dark Souls 3’ trailer tricks you into thinking this game is easy

PS Plus for March 2016

Games with Gold for March 2016

This ‘Uncharted 4’ trailer was not messing around

The latest ‘Star Wars: Battlefront’ patch adds film grain and more

Sony announces VR Press Conference

Sony files patent for gaming glove

‘Doom’ is expected to run 1080p/60fps on all platforms

‘Pokemon Sun’ and Pokemon Moon’ announced for later this year


‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ writer departs Bioware

‘Smite’ makes its way to the PS4

‘Street Fighter V ’hasn’t had the smoothest launch

DLC for ‘The Division’ comes first to Xbox One

‘Firewatch’ on the PS4 gets patched

PS4 owners have a chance to have their very own preview program that could break their system

Batman v Superman – Rocket League DLC Trailer

Resident Evil 4,5,6 – Announce Trailer




Marvel is reintroducing ‘Timely Comics’


DC details ‘Rebirth’ event

Marvel Solicits for May 2016

DC Solicits for May 2016

Dynamite Solicits for May 2016

Valiant Solicits for May 2016

Image publisher calls the state of the industry “short sighted”

Oni Press also takes a dig at “event comics”

‘Nova’ writer Sam Humphries to head to DC

DC releases full ‘Rebirth’ line up

DC Editor leaves for Dynamite





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