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Things That Happened The Week Of 3/06/2016

Hello and welcome to this weeks edition of Things that happened the week of I just watched Connor McGregor get choked out and my brain still doesn’t want to comprehend it. Kind of how it doesn’t want to comprehend whatever crazy plans Phil Spencer has for 32x-ing the hell out of my Xbox One. Marvel stands firm again R-rated superhero hype and the Ghostbusters trailer comes out and no one seems terribly impressed which I guess makes us all sexist. All that and more down below.


All-New ANTiFanboy Podcast #141

Comic Book Moment #59



Joseph Gordon-Levitt departs ‘Sandman’ 

Watch Keanu Reeves f@#k up this gun course

This ‘Ghostbusters’ trailer came out

And this fan edit is much better 

‘Finding Dory’ trailer is aDoryable

Here are your Oscar winners

The Oscars hit lowest ratings in years

Idris Elba and Matthew McConaughey join as the two main characters in ‘The Dark Tower’

Zack Snyder eying up George Washington movie

‘Fantastic Beasts’ to be a trilogy

Liev Schreiber talks about possibly appearing in ‘Wolverine 3’

WB is considering gearing up for a ‘Suicide Squad’ sequel

Zack Synder details “R” rated cut of ‘Batman v Superman’

Rumored Barbara Gordon Jena Malone cut from theatrical cut of ‘BvS’

Christian Bale didn’t think he “nailed it” as Batman

Sly Stallone spotted heading to the ‘Guardians of the Galaxy 2’ set

That ‘Venom’ spinoff no one wanted is breathing life again

‘Thief’ is heading to the big screen

Marvel says they aren’t planning on and R-rated films anytime soon



Shang Chi may be showing up in ‘Iron Fist’

‘Big Hero 6’ continues as a TV show

‘Fuller House’ is a hit and gets a second season



‘Gears of Wars: Ultimate Edition’ now on PC

PS4 update preview lets you (finally) know when your friends come online

‘Killer Instinct’ Season 3 gets a lunch date

Xbox boss Phil Spencer talks hardware updates for the Xbox One

‘Rocket League’ gets a physical release

‘Uncharted 4’ delayed two more weeks

‘Mass Effect: Andromeda’ confirmed for early 2017 release

‘Rocket League’ and Twitch team for championship series

‘The Division’ lays out their year one plans

‘Elite: Dangerous Horizons’ delayed

‘No Man’s Sky’ finally dated

Epic Games co-founder calls out Microsoft for attempting a “monopoly” on the PC gaming market

That ‘Metal Gear Solid’ fan remake was cancelled

Tom Clancy’s The Division – Launch Trailer

Disney Infinity 3.0 Marvel Battlegrounds – Launch Trailer

Kirby: Planet Robobot – Nintendo Direct Trailer



Joss Whedon returns to Marvel with a ‘Captain America’ story

Han Solo gets a “solo” run

‘Loki’ gets a politically charged singles run later this year





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