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Things that happened the week of 4/27/2014

So while the week started off on a pretty big downer. We still got some fun stuff for you.


Bob Hoskins passes away at age 71 🙁

Tim Blake Nelson just can’t stop playing Marvel Villians

Time Lord uses Time Travel to tinker with Terminators

Sinister Six possibly revealed

Halo TV show may end up on Showtime before your XBOX One

Miles Morales as Spider-Man? 


Video Games:

George R.R. Martin’s personal assistant to help work on Tell Tale’s Game of Thrones game.

Neversoft to merge with Infinity Ward 

Frank Underwood (Kevin Spacey) To star in Call of Duty game

Nintendo Skips E3 again

we know how well that worked out for them the last time

XBOX Free with Gold Program for month of May

Mo’ Money Mo’ Problems

Another Naughty Dog person leaves

Wii U offering sweet deals because it’s failing

Disney Infinity adding Marvel



Batman and Robin just super delayed guys its cool

Joe Quesada Trashes MOS calls Zod “hero of the film”

Gonna cost Marvel some $$




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