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Things that happened the week of 4/6/14 (and a little before that)

Alright, this is the deal. When Jon, Steve and I get together we have a whole list of viable topics on hand. Before we get started we try to pick the best topics that will get the most conversation out of us and hopefully it ends up being entertaining for us and more importantly, for you.

As a result some really good stuff gets left out for various reasons but we decided that’s no reason that you guys can’t at least KNOW about it. I also have this hope that it proves to you guys that we are at the very least aware of things not based off of comic books.

So what follows is going to be a list of things that happened this week, and a little before that since this is our first time doing this bad boy. Some of this will be talked about on the podcast but all of it will be for your viewing pleasure:


Toby Kebbell becomes a noncertified Doctor

Drew Goddard (Cabin in the Woods) confirmed to Write/Direct Sinister Six

The showdown is official for Marvel/DC

Battlestar Galactica due for film reboot

David Goyer says DC “not there yet” for cohesive universe


Video Games:

2K Australia not Gearbox creating Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel  

Amazon announces “Fire TV” which is the kinda sorta reveal of their oft rumored video game console.

     The product itself garners rough initial reviews

EA gets shit for making fun of Nintendo on April Fools

Microsoft thinking about getting into the backwards compatibility business

Nintendo Direct (Smash Bros. Edition)



DC asks its freelancers for creative input

Amazon Buys Comixology




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