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Things that happened the week of 5/11/2014

As I sit here watching Iron Man 2 with zero shame. It’s time to reflect on some of the craziness of the past week. Xbox drops Kinect and pisses off pretty much everyone. Zack Snyder tweets some sweet relief and Gambit will eventually get more popular. Lets check it out!



Batman and Batmobile partially revealed


Drive Director new movie to be a horror film


Joe Q talks DD being more of a long form movie than a tv show


GSP and Batista star in Kickboxer remake


Channing Tatum to play Gambit


Also his own spin off movie


Video Games:

Kinect free Xbox 1 to be released in june


Nintendo hit with patent lawsuit… again


Street Fighter IV super mega turbo annihilation edition Dates locked down


Far Cry 4 Announced


Ubisoft continues to kill momentum for its games. The Division Delayed


Joe Mad says Darksiders still alive


Cuts across Sony



Paul Levitz WALKS…. off of Earth 2 Weekly.





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