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Things that happened the week of 5/25/2014

This is why I wait a week to drop these news articles. Adam McKay up for Antman, Adam McKay gets Antman, Adam McKay off Antman. That shit is obnoxious. Also SPOILERS if you are a video game or something involved with video games, you may as well pack up and move on because I won’t be seeing most of you until 2015. All that plus Marvel may in fact being slowly being possessed by the demon that is Disney.



More Details on why Edgar Wright may have left

Adam McKay up for, gets job for, drops out of Antman

The Tweet excuse:

Adam McKay@GhostPanther

And yes, met w/Marvel. Kirby & Lee r my Lennon Mccartney so it was awesome. But have other projects I’m committed to. Not sure it can work.

David Schwimmer in True Detective 2

The idea of Jurassic World takes shape *Possible Spoilers*

Community may find new life on HULU

Charlie cox cast as daredevil boardwalk empire

 John Wesley Shipp cast as Henry Allen (Barry’s father)

Quantum Break: Game will be Heroes,  Show will be Villains (Will probably be delayed)


Video Games:

BREAKING: Everything gets delayed to 2015

Steam Controller

Quantum Break

The Order 1886 Delayed

Evil Within (Only until October)

Project BEAST leaks

 Take-Two  lets us know there will be more Bioshock/Red Dead  games

Telltale laughs at Devon and his wallet announcing that The Walking Dead Seasons 1-2 and The Wolf Among Us gets set for PS4/Xbox ONE consoles

Might No. 9 Gamplay drops and looks OK?

Sticks the Badger already makes me confident that Sonic will fail again

Sony to hold  E3 event at select theatres (already sold out)

Wii U offers Game Cube controller adapter

New Mortal Kombat teased

Plants VS Zombies coming to PS3/4

Lego Batman 3 teaser drops



Marvel to possibly cancel/phase out Fantastic Four out of spite for Fox

Marvel reveals two crossovers in two weeks. Breaks record?

Sounds like something a WIZARD would do Alan Moore Launches Digital Comic maker app

DC to discontinue physical comp comics for DC employees


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