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Things that happened the week of 5/4/2014

So this could have been a great week or a very bad week for fans of certain TV shows. Community goes bye bye but favorites like Hannibal are spared. The Gotham trailer drops and Marvel pushes things forward with Agent Carter.

All that plus Nintendo having a rough but interesting week and RICHARD RIDER!



The cuts and the reprieves have come see if your show is on the list

HINT: Yay Hannibal Boo Community

Agent Carter Series ordered by ABC officially 

Gotham Trailer up and out on… Fox

Gotham Trailer Official!

Flash and iZombie get tv shows at CW 

We are getting a good movie later so we can get a crappy movie soon

Star Wars Overload

Avi Arad is salty as FUCK

And apparently an idiot if this is true

The reason why Mary Jane was cut from The Amazing Spider-Man 2

Power Rangers Reboot announced

Spoilers for deleted scene in ASM2


Video Games:

Nintendo gets bodied this fiscal year

Sony is stupid

Sony Realizes they are being stupid a few days later

Nintendo is trying new things with smart phones

Nintendo says “no” to same sex relationships in Tomodachi Life

But it’s all cool I think?

Nintendo developing Skylanders type action figures

Disney says no Avengers game until it has the chance to not be awful

Destiny better be amazing



Sam Humphries is one to watch

I am probably the only one excited about Richard Rider coming back



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