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Things that happened the week of 6/1/2014

So I’m watching “The Clone Wars” CG cartoon on Netflix while I pour through the news of the past week. E3 is looking less and less relevant with all these details and disappointing reveals. The Antman drama seems to be coming to an end while Dr. Strange casting takes shape. All that and more after the jump.


Rob Liefeld says that X-Men Apocalypse cancelled X-Force Movie

Thanos Role in GOTG and Avengers: Age of Ultron expanded (SPOILERS)

Plot Details for Big Hero 6 dropped

It’s not just Games Jupiter Ascending delayed to 2015

Steve Oteri Meltdown in 3…2…1…

Metal Gear Solid movie may get a goofy director for a movie that will eventually never get made

Star Wars standalone film gets director

Drive Director to make All Female cast Horror film

Howard Stark confirmed for Agent Carter series

Antman gets ready to “Bring it on” with new Director

Dr. Strange casting gets British


Also finds a director

Video Games:

Hyped for the only (so far) Fall release of the year

Telltale wont be showing Game of Thrones at E3

Stick a fork into it, The Last Guardian is finally cancelled

Microsoft drops App schedule for XBOX ONE (HBO GO is included)

Mortal Kombat X

Arkham Knight Delayed to you guessed it 2015

Go to the Ps4 Theatre E3 thing? Get a beta code

I’d be more excited for a new Naughty Dog IP if Naughty Dog didn’t feel like it was falling apart from the inside

Reports say don’t expect Kingdom Hearts III or Final Fantasy 15 at E3



More Fuel to the blackout fire

Bill Finger to finally get official DC Credit for Batman


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