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Things that happened the week of 6/15/14

Feels good to be back proper! The internet issues this week continue but are slowly improving (Guy comes out Tuesday) but I didn’t let a silly thing like an internet connection that drops off every two hours stop ME. Some cool stuff this week. Disney Star Wars is looking more promising every week, Channing Tatum blows on my nostalgia button (I watched the fuck outta some MAXX as a kid) and Japan continues to be gross. Philadelphia Comic Con is happening right now and apparently Antifanboy isn’t good enough to cover if this year (as opposed to years prior?) but regardless HERE’S THE NEWS!



Say whaaaaaaaaatttt? Antman Villain revealed (spoilers?)

Rian Johnson (Looper) to write/Direct Star Wars Episode VIII at LEAST Rumored for more

Rosario Dawson cast as lead for Daredevil Netflix Show

Sony taking exclusive titles on other systems and making movies out of them as the worlds best troll company

Jason Momoa Still hasn’t admitted to being Aquaman

Channing Tatum talks about how he wishes he could play weird obscure 90s comic character The MAXX

Dr. Strange gets a screenwriter

A much much MUCH needed new trailers for Guardians of the Galaxy

They are still making Resident Evil movies apparently

Surprised this hasn’t been greenlit already

Neat trailer for (documentary?) Video Games The Movie

Joss Whedon talks destruction porn


Video Games:

Destiny Exclusive to Ps4 in Japan because Microsoft doesn’t feel like bothering

We now may know how long “timed exclusive” lasts

Curious about No Man’s Sky?

GTA Heists still coming says Rockstar

Capcom basically saying “Please buy us”

So Nordic Games, a company that bought some high profile THQ properties (Darksiders) is going to start using the THQ Logo and name now

Nintendo thinking bout thinking bout adding duel game pads

Sunset Overdrive confirms Female Characters and throws shade on Assassain creed devs



Kirby vs. Marvel Round infinity about to commence

Bill Willingham reminds us that Fables is ending

Japan is gross





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