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Things that happened the week of 6/22/2014

I’m currently sneaking this in on Monday while at work because I finished up what I needed to and my choice of Cheese Steak with Eggs SEEMED sound at the time but really it’s just lead to tears and misery. Add that to the fact that I was a god damned spider-whisperer last night and that all adds up to a late article.

A pretty quiet week all around to be honest, all of the real juicy stuff was pretty much debunked or just sad news not worth gossiping about. So HOPEFULLY Crytek gets their shit together and HOPEFULLY Marvel doesn’t make a terrible business decisions like other companies  that rhymes with “PC Blue Nifty Chew”. All that and more after the jump



Are you free July 7th?

Probably Hyperbole but interesting statement regardless

Harrison Ford injury could delay or cause the rewrite of Star Wars episode VII

Andy Serkis in Avengers: Age of Ultron

Pacific Rim 2 is a go

Nathan Fillion to cameo in Guardians of the galaxy (but not as nova)

Rambo V rumored

Batman V Superman Details rumored (potential spoilers)

TMNT Trailer

First look at Mad Max Reboot released

You in the market for a Ghostbusters 2 Viggo Painting?

Deliver us from Evil’s Edgar Ramirez up for Dr Strange

Shane Black hoping to make Doc Savage with Chris Hemsworth

Bashem Brother Foggy has joined Daredevil Cast

Shane Black to make a sequel (not a reboot) to Predator

Video Games

Get well soon Iwata

Infamous Standalone DLC dropping in August

Microsoft to bring back Family Sharing for Xbox One(and yes, it’s still confusing)

Bayonetta devs working on Legend of Korra game

More Hyrule Warriors footage

Primal Rage II exist(ed)

and here is 3 hours of gameplay

Xbox Games with Gold July

Playstation Plus July

Trouble at Crytek

Batman Arkham Knight release date possibly leaked

“Exclusive Content” for PS4 Arkham Knight DLC revealed

Nintendo loses wii motion controller lawsuit to Phillips

Comic Books

DC implements new payment plan for creators

Marvel to either cancel X-Books or reboot entire Marvel line up (Most likely untrue but still scary)

Brian Michael Bendis responds

Thanos and Thank to pop up in comics again



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