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Things that happened the week of 6/29/2014

America’s birthday came and went this weekend (as did mine) and with that the world kept turning and news kept happening. I realized I was the bane of diving boards this weekend when I tried to mix alcohol, wrestling promos and my 250+lb weight with disastrous results.

Shockingly there were more interesting things to happen this week than just my battle with gravity. Miss Zoe Saldana brings up a shockingly good point about female roles in space, a video game company is essentially getting shut down and day now and tons more this week. So have fun and read more after the jump.


Andy Serkis is the Nolan North/Troy Baker of computer faces

Zoe Saldana thinks the best women roles are to be found in space

Better Call Saul may bring back some old favorite Breaking Bad Character

Mark Ruffalo doesn’t see ‘Planet Hulk’ coming any time soon


Superman V Depression

Community lives!

Bryan Fuller (Showrunner for Hannibal) to work with Starz to bring us Neil Gaiman’s American Gods

Expendables 3 to cater to an audience that’s never heard of any of the cast members

The voice of Gordan from Batman: The Animated Series passed away earlier this week



Video Games

Destiny to re-record Destiny’s robot companion voice because Peter Dinklage apparently is awful at VO work

Crytek UK workers essentially going on strike due to no pay


Big Blizzard Bloke Bails

Lindsay Lohan actually sued Rockstar Games over GTA V

Sunset Overdrive MP fun

PS3 players finally have a controller that isn’t trash
Comic Books

David Finch finds himself in the Crosshairs for his Wonder Woman Comments

Somewhat successful comic team off DC Book but no drama (yet)

That DC royalty deal a few weeks ago? Not all flowers and sunshine

Kieron Gillen may or may not be writing Doctor Strange in the near future

DC going back to the barrell again for Deathstroke



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