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Things that happened the week of 7/20/2014

So San Diego Comic Con happened and basically took over every news outlet for the whole week.  So between that and me hunting all over God’s creation to find an IMAX Screening of Guardians of the Galaxy I had quite the hectic week. GOTG is pretty much all my brain is running on these last few days. It’s been my “summer movie to watch” since I saw the first Superbowl trailer and while I’ve been staying away from footage the buzz from all the favorable reviews is getting me hyped.

Obviously a TON happened this week and almost all of it good. Crytek seems to be getting back on it’s feet. The Mad Max trailer dropped, Bioware gets me pumped up and Marvel does right by Star Wars. All that and more after the jump!


Also a little thing I did to get you guys ready for GOTG




Swapping dates like a highschool party

Close up of the cowl

Spider-Man 3 and Sinister Six to actual come out

So I’m totally going to see a SHAZAM! movie

Agents of Shield gets a little LAWLESS (Sorry)

Robert Downey Jr likes money so he may like Iron Man 4

I will totally watch this not real movie

Only good can come out of this

Mad Max trailer drops and Mad Max doesn’t seem to be the main character?

Daredevil’s Netflix to (gasp) draw from the Frank Miller Comics

DC REALLY wants Justice League to be great

Just give me the new TV show already

Tusk Trailer

Horns Trailer

Joaquin Phoenix almost confirmed to be Dr. Strange

Guardians of the Galaxy Sequel already announced + New Cartoon series

First look at Wonder Woman in Batman V Superman

The full Age of Ultron Poster unveiled

Sam Raimi to create an EVil Dead TV series and GUESS who’s the star?

I guess it’s time to start getting excited for Warcraft

Last of Us Movie to possibly star Arya Stark?

Tarentino to actually direct The Hateful Eight

A description of the Age of Ultron footage shown at SDCC

No Fantastic Four at SDCC but our first look at what the Thing will look like?

Curious why Hall H almost shook itself to the ground this weekend?

Video Games

Gamestop forces you to reserve Akham Knight

Steam Controller is slowly admitting that it is a shitty controller, attempts to fix self

Firefly cast to reprise roles in ‘bound to be bad’ Firefly game

Unsurprisingly Walking Dead Season 3 Announced by Telltale

Apparently it’s never too early to get psyched for the new Mass Effect

Tekken X Street Fighter is still happening say creator

Good news out of Crytek

Bioware teasing a new IP?

Interesting new tidbits for my personal most anticipated title for 2014

Nice little update for EA UFC


Comic Books

DRM free Comixology

Rick Remender to write Ultron Graphic Novel? SIGN ME UP

Hobo Unworthy Thor looks awesome

Marvel sends out to big guns to bring us new Star Wars comics

Spider-Woman to get new ongoing

It’s not a film reboot but I’ll take it



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