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Things that happened the week of 7/27/2014

Hey a write up that’s on time for once. Look at THIS guy huh? High fives to me. So I’m pretty much leaving all Guardians of the Galaxy talk out for this week as we’ll get to that during the podcast, but needless to say, I’m itching to re-read all my Marvel Cosmic books again.

A fair amount of news this week but some truly interesting stuff. EA tells us about their new subscription service, cool new trailers for a bunch of movies, a hardcover for one of the best books of the last five years and more after the jump


A great trailer for this wonderfully weird looking movie Birdman

Pretty cool moment between Tom Hiddleston and director Joss Whedon

Interstellar gets a full trailer

Hobbit gets a new trailer that makes me miss the OG Trilogy

New trailers for Fables-err Into the Woods

Jamie Foxx to play Mike Tyson in Biopic

Old Deadpool teaser/target render? leaked/released

Squirrel Girl to show up somewhere in your Marvel U because we love woodland creatures now

I hope this is true because the world need more wrestlers in huge sci fi movies

No wife beatings for this Avenger

Ghostbusters 3 job may go to Bridesmaids director

I can dig it

A rundown of what big things came out of SDCC


Video Games

Gamestop to ruin lives with new credit card

Playstation Plus for August

Xbox Games with Gold for August

EA to add subscription service

Sony says no

Playstation Now still awful

Decent game yet hated for the hype it got, Watchdogs has new DLC coming to New Jersey

Nintendo still losing money despite Mario Kart 8 success

Capcom to just give up and try to be a shittier version on Ubisoft now


Comic Books

DC loves their wars as Darkseid Wars begins

Saga Hardcover announced for you to throw at your friends who “hate comic books”

The ANTiFangirl tells us what’s what 

New Batman Eternal Review is up



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