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Things that happened the week of 7/6/2014

Man what a WEEKEND! Steve and I went to ConnectiCon with our fancy press passes in tow and had a grand ole time. We took some pictures and got some interviews, hopefully which will all be up shortly. But as a result once again I am giving you a late “Things that happened” week and while I really tried to bang it out on Thursday I just couldn’t bring myself to do it to you guys. Also I got really sleepy and this laptop is on it’s last legs. And yes I know Sunday happened but I was crowing like a 9 month pregnant woman complaining about my sore hip and swollen and blistered feet. I think somethings wrong with me.

A ton of stuff happened this week and so much that I fear some really good stuff is going to get lost in the shuffle.  EVO came and blew everyone’s faces off, the Emmy nominations came and made everyone mad and DC makes a tough call. All that and more after the jump.


Emmy Noms released

I think this is the last I’m going write about Antman until something positive comes out of this

The Doctor gets grim in launch trailer!

Chris Columbus wants you to remember your childhood

Shane Black and Noir in the same sentence? Sign me up!

Stan you lovable Rascal you

Constantine cast changes already happening

Pacific Rim animated series details

Powers to be free for Playstation Plus subscribers 

I’d confess, I’d see a live action Dumbo movie

Brandon Routh apparently did not die and is still working

If it doesn’t magically appear on the internet first, this is where you can find Gotham first

New Coen Brother film, Hail Caesar has a great cast

Batman Saves the Jews! (I don’t know history)


Video Games

Antifanboys Devon and Steve stare at Shovel Knight

Battle Borne the first person MOBA….thing

Gamestop wants to piss you off even more

Maya announced for Killer Instinct

Seems like Sega in addition to Nintendo don’t seem to care about the Virtual Console

First Person Moba game

Stupid yet Hilarious

Grim Fandango Remake announced for systems that aren’t Playstation

Cliff Blezinski announces new gaming studio (basically free to play Unreal Tournament)

Mighty No 9 wants more money

Nintendo sponsored EVO

PS4 not doing as well as expected in Japan

Homefront director leaves Crytek

Raiden kicks off your jawbone in MKX


Comic Books

DC was against then eventually allowed Superman Logo on Memorial

Rick Remender pisses off the internet

Batgirl gets a sensible new costume

Gail Simone off Batgirl cites Creative Differences

Because why not?




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