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Things that happened the week of 8/03/2014

Yeah, I’m not gonna front. Too many things happened this week. Guardians still blew up the charts and TMNT still ruined any goodwill I had left towards the series.

Aside from all that we got some things to look forward to, like Gamestop at least attempting to makes things better. But also some garbage things, like MORE game delays and how awkward Charlie Cox looks as Matt Murdock. All that and more after the jump!

Fox no longer trying to buy Time Warner

Batista gets cast as Sal Maroni in Gotham

Old Concept art hinting at new race in Guardians of the Galaxy

Ghostbusters 3 rumored to be all female cast

Kevin Feige talks women in leading roles

Sony’s next disappointing Spider-tie-in has terrible title

Charlie Cox’s take on Matt Murdock revealed and it looks… weird

James Gunn writes letter to cast + crew and fans

Amazing Spider-Man 2 reveals alternate ending that would have made me stab someone

Guardians of the Galaxy Hip Hop Mix Tape if you’re into the sort of thing

Super Revealing factoid: Captain America 3 to focus more on Steve and Bucky’s relationship

DC blinks first and moves Batman V Superman’s release date

Upcoming Terminator movie get new awful title

Apparently people disappearing is the new Hollywood fad in Left Behind

When Joss talks we listen

Set photos show old man Bruce Wayne

Original Texas Chainsaw Massacre star passes away

Kickboxer remake has a pretty great cast lining up

Ricky Gervais to start shooting ‘The Office’ movie

‘Frozen’ writer to write new movie

Don’t expect Darkseid till 2020

Vin Disel and Elijah Wood to star in movie about Witches

After Guardians 2 James Gunn may make a Thunderbolts movie

Hopefully false but Studio Ghibli set to close down

Lego Movie sequels possibly dated?

Damn fine cup of Coffee. Kyle MacLachlan joins Agents of Shield

Eli Roth’s latest horror film, The Green Inferno may not see a theatrical release

The Lonely Island guys to get a movie


Video Games

A remake of a remake but it’s hard to be mad at it

Hulkamania edition of WWE 2k15

More Naughty Dog devs jump ship

Gamestop to ‘simplify’ trade in value. Plans to offer more

The guy in charge of getting games like Shovel Knight onto the Wii U leaves Nintendo

White XBOX One coming

Lubu errr Ganondorf footage dropped for Hyrule Warriors

Rumor has it that higher ups want Iwata out

Philly Gamestops were going to fingerprint you then decided against it

It’s not even funny anymore. Evolve delayed to 2015

Playstation Mobile dead on android

Shovel Knight absolutely CRUSHED

World of Warcraft losing subscribers

Sleeping Dogs to get Next Gen update

Sony sued over Killzone not being 1080p

Even the (former) higher ups hate the Wii U name

Twitch realizes they screwed up on their recent changes

First look at new WWE game looks pretty great

Bioshock coming to an IOS near you

Former Mass Effect lead Casey Hudson, leaves company

Ryse Developer not thrilled with XBOX One sales. Holding off on releasing more titles


Comic Books

DC shows off LEGO variant covers

Brian Michael Bendis to work on a project with Mike Mignola

Marvel’s August Solicits

DC August Solicits

Batman Eternal Reviewed



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