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Things That Happened The Week of 8/10/2014

What a week… This week started on a pretty severe low for me and the world on a personal basis with the passing of Robin Williams among other terrible and unfortunate moments that happened in this country but then slowly but surely we came on the upswing and while not fully recovered we can safely say that not all is lost.

Gamescom happened this week and man! What a quirky and charming event this has become over the past few years. This is like the Cannes Film for video games it seems. There’s still your AAA popcorn fests but some really cool stuff got announced or shown that I honestly do not think would have flown at E3. Konami’s P.T. AKA (REDACTED) was probably my most enjoyable gaming experience I had this entire summer(maybe the year?). We got some neat film announcements, Aquaman gets like 10 screenplays written and Mircrosoft starts gearing up for the console war. All that and more after the jump!


The ANTiFangirl talks LUCY TMNT to get a sequel after over performing last weekend

RIP Robin Williams

Michael Bay to let someone else direct Transformers 5

Better Call Saul teaser teases

Vin Diesel keeps hinting at future Marvel roles

The often rumored Resident Evil TV show may finally take shape

Lauren Bacall has passed away

First look at Episode VII’s Storm Troopers

A Better Look Curious at how Antman is going to fit into the great MCU? Sure you are

Godzilla 2 in 2018

Another new Amityville coming out

Like the 3rd Prequel for Texas Chainsaw Massacre announced

Bad Boys for LIFE! POSSIBLE SPOILERS! Batman V Superman: Aria of Sorrow details may have been leaked

Power Rangers Film to land in 2016 Offensive movie being edited to be less offensive

That HBO show I couldn’t watch because I no longer have HBO gets a second Season

Loki looked at for Ben Hur Remake

Aquaman gets two scripts written because that how confusing Aquaman is for Hollywood

James Gunn talks Guardians of the Galaxy 2

The X-WHO? Marvel working on Inhumans movie

Guillermo Del Toro says Justice League Dark is still alive

The Turtles could have looked a bit creepier Arnold Schwarzneggar to get into the Zombie Game


Video Games

The Last of Us #1 for July

Pokemon card game to come to mobile soon

EA stops yearly tradition on Madden Demos. Only way to “try before you buy” is via EA Access

Hotline Miami 2 dated for Playstation (August 19th)

SquareEnix getting into the episodic game business

Destiny’s Beta Guardians gone forever

Mario Kart 8 tops a million buys

Payday guys to waste time trying to make a Walking Dead Game better than Telltale

Quantum Break to have companion TV show with branching stories

P.T. is actually new Silent Hill and it is amazing

OK so Tomb Raider really isn’t exclusive

Kind of reminds me of a next-gen Obscure

Sony aint sweating Microsoft’s deep pockets


Microsoft’s Press Conference at GamesCom

Microsoft Press Conference Highlights:

New Features coming

Tomb Raider sequel exclusive to XBOX One

First real look at Quantum Break

The “Halo Channel”

Now I REALLY wish I had wait to buy an XBOX One


Sony’s Press Conference at GamesCon

Sony Press Conference Highlights:

System update to include Virtual couch co-op

Bloodborne in it’s non leaked state

Sony announces 10 million consoles sold to actual people

More fun Details


Comic Books

July was Rocket Racoon’s month and nobody elses

Marvel Previews for 8-21

Tomasi to take over Superman/Wonder Woman




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