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Things that happened the week of 8/17/2014

So you know what sucks about the ‘full time job-off on the weekends’ thing? The insane lack of sleep I ever manage to get out of the weekend. I woke up before 9 on a Sunday. That is some BULL. SHIT. MY friends. I had no reason to. The SUN just decided to pierce it’s bullshit solar dagger into my eyeball and tell ME it’s time to get up and eat Cocoa Pebbles out of a bowl that closer resembles a mixing bowl than it does a cereal bowl.

But I digress

As always some really cool stuff happened this week, and at the very least a much better start to this week than last. That ‘Original Cut’ of Star Wars being released rumor is building up a lot of steam and in this case I really do hope it’s a “where there’s smoke there’s fire” like situation. Dwayne ‘The Rock’ Johnson can’t seem to decided if he wants to go Heel or Face. We tried to kill Jon via fright earlier this week and yet another comic creator can’t seem to keep it in his pants.   All that and more after the jump!



It finally happened!



“No more Origin Stories” – Scarlet Wit-Err Devin Faraci

Paul Rudd looking thuggish as Scottie Lang

Rumor: The original unaltered editions of Star Wars may be coming to Blu-Ray

Keanu Reeves finds his way to your TV

Guardians to overtake Transformers as most successful movie of the summer

Antman cast (finally?) fills out

Edgar Wright and Simon Pegg to work on…something

RIP Don Pardo

Oh my God Dwayne, just PICK ONE

Mockingbird Cast in Agents of SHIELD

Automata Trailer

Kevin Feige wants to hit all the Quotas

Agents of SHIELD gets even bigger, The Absorbing Man to show up

A new trailer for the only thing I ever seriously considered giving money too. The Death of Superman Lives

I love the weird casting for the dueling Jungle Book movies

The Disney version

A new trailer for ‘Nightcrawler’ lands and wins my pick for possible hidden gem of the year

Dead Rising movie gets a director

New Annabelle trailer

New Halloween movie coming?

Remember the Amityville movie from last week? Here’s a trailer

Jennifer Lawrence to join the Hateful Eight?


Video Games

ANTiFanboy Presents: Lingering Scare

Bloodborne in action

Finally an Ice Bucket trend I can get behind

A 30+ minute look at The Witcher 3

Phil Fish is a D-Bag

Professional D-Bag Phil Fish is trying to sell his company

If you are a completionist, don’t buy No Man’s Sky

Congrats on Infamous: Second Son. Now CLEAN OUT YA DESK!

Blizzard says Microsoft demanded 1080p on Diablo 3

What should surprise no one. New Call of Duty not coming to Wii U

Hopefully you won’t get this system bricking PS4 bug


If you got stuck and gave up on P.T. this may help

Reddit coming to an XBOX near you

SCE Japan boss to retire at the end of August

Ubisoft done releasing Mature Games on the Nintendo

Cancelled Ninja Theory game titled Razer

Better than another remake. Resident Evil Revelations 2 could be in the works

When to look forward to Sony’s Press Conference at the Tokyo Game Show

Good Omen for the future: Sony has no idea how they sold so many PS4s

First new Star Wars game since Lucasarts shut down I believe

Here’s 20+ minutes of The Phantom Pain Gameplay

Comic Books

Shane Reviews Batman Eternal #19&20

Yale Stewert, the guy behind those Adorable Justice League Webcomics? He may be in some trouble

Ulises Farinas Also does not seem to be a fan for a different reason

Apparently Spider-Woman is TOO SEXY for some

Spider-Woman artist responds

Marvel Solicits for November 2014

DC Solicits for November 2014



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