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Things that happened the week of 9/14/2014

So this week I saw a movie where one man transformed another man into a Walrus. While I don’t any sort of ‘official’ review will be written up (not by me at least) I can tell you that I personally enjoyed my time with it. Aside from that I basically live my life as a hermit this week because bills exist to steal my soul.

Thankfully however, the internet is a thing that will forever keep me busy. I saw a bunch of cool trailers for both film and video games. DC is basically Mavel circa early 2000s bankruptcy with the alarming rate it is giving it’s TV rights away to. Can you imagine if DC/Warner Bros has anything resembling a hit in the near future? It’ll be Sony Spider-Man/Fox X-Men all over again! The ANTiFangirl talks Leftovers, new staff writer Maggie recaps Doctor Who and the ANTiFanboys give their impressions on the new Smash Bros demo. All that and more after the jump!



ANTiFangirl talks The Leftovers

New AFB staff writer, Maggie recaps Doctor Who episode “Listen”

Affleck talks Batman

Tom Hiddleston is going to be in the King Kong remake ‘Skull Island’

Scott Glenn is going to play ‘Stick’ in the Daredevil show

First look at ‘Powers’ The Playstation/Comic TV show?

Holy Hell. This Star Wars music mixed in with a brief look at Episode VII’s Millenium Falcon got me way more excited than I was expecting

Doctor Strange coming to you in 2016

Paranormal Activity 5 gets delayed until next year

James Cameron wants to shoot Avatar Sequel at 120 frames per second

Dan Aykroyd wants a Ghostbusters connected Universe

Marvel’s Jarvis really did exist and is cast in Agent Carter

Pride and Prejudice and Zombies is apparently becoming a movie and will star the 11th Doctor

That guy with half a face in that HBO show about booze I don’t watch is Ben Hur in the remake

Fox Gets ‘Lucifer’ TV rights

A truly awesome ‘Spawn’ short movie

Bruce Timm + Machinima + Justice League = Whaaaa?

Tim Burton’s ‘Big Eyes’ get it’s first trailer

Deadpool gets a release date

Fantastic Four gets pushed to August

CBS is getting into the Superhero Tv show Business with Supergirl

David Ayer (Fury) may be directing a Suicide Squad movie

V/H/S: Viral gets a Red Band Trailer

No Sylar in Heroes Reborn


Video Games

We give our first impressions of the Smash Bros demo for the 3DS

It’s official. Microsoft buys Minecraft Studio

Phil Spencer talks about changes (or lack there of) to Minecraft

Smash Bros dated? November 21st if rumors are to be believed

Notch talks about leaving Mojang and Minecraft behind

WWE 2K’15 gets delayed a few weeks for ‘New Gen’

Now the FBI is getting involved #Gamergroans

Creepy/Fun ‘The Evil Within’ trailer pops up at TGS

Bloodborne arrives in early February

P.T. Concept trailer shown at TGS

Final Fantasy XV gets a very “Japanese” Trailer

Borderlands The Pre-Sequel gets an almost 10 minute long trailer

Yakuza Prequel trailer

Your Mandatory TGS Metal Gear Solid V trailer

Deep Down Trailer

Tetsuya Nomura no longer directive FFXV and is focusing on Kingdom Hearts III (yay)

Saints Row Creative Director leaves for Valve

Comic Books

Batman Eternal #24

Marvel Solicits for December

DC Solicits for December

Valiant (if you’re into it) Solicits for December




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