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Things that happened the week of 9/21/2014

You know whats awful? Not having expunged your insides yet after night full of meat and hops consumption. Seriously, I feel like a dirty bomb that has yet to go off.


Lots of cool stuff happened this week. Like actually cool stuff like The Family of Jack Kirby estate settling with Marvel. As a comic fan these legal battles with creators or families of creators were always sort of a black stain in the history of comics so it’s nice to see at least one of them sorted. Also, Destiny players just can’t seem to quit loot caves as an attempt to fix loot on their own. All that and much much more after the jump!



Doctor Who Recap: Time Heist

Red Band Trailer for ‘The Interview’

Maze Runner sequel already announced

Colin Farrell and Vince Vaughn are going to be in True Detectives

Sad that this doesn’t shock me. But Deadpool may be targeted for a PG-13 cut

Robert Orci picks Star Trek over Power Rangers

There’s still hope (for some) That a Hansel and Gretel: Witch Hunters sequel is coming

Bryan Singer confirmed for X-Men Apocalypse

New trailer for Kingsmen: The Secret Service

Storm, Cyclops and Marvel Girl (Jean Grey) will probably be recast

He is VIGGO! and he may be in the Hateful Eight

Jeremy Renner talks Hawkeye solo film and Cap 3 appearances

Ridley Scott mentions the lack of Xenomorphs in Prometheus 2 and Harry Ford

Liam Neesons will be in Ted 2

The ‘Y: The Last Man’ movie rights have reverted back to the creators

Key and Peel the movie?

Spoiler: Star Wars Episode VII will have lightsaber duels

A “Rogue cut” for X-Men: Days of Future Past will be released in 2015

As excited as I am for this movie… It’s called Big Hero 6 not “Balloon Robot”

Rachel McAdams may be in True Detective Season 2

New Jupiter Ascending trailer

Drax and Hot MMA woman will be in a movie with that guy from that “Fockers” movie


Video Games

Spooky P.T. Ghost showed up at the Metal Gear Solid V demo at TGS

China has to wait a little longer before they can get their Xbox One

More Final Fantasy XV gameplay

First Person mode in GTA V for new gen?

18 minutes of Resident Evil Revelations 2

Project Morpheus is “around 85% complete”

Playstation TV is coming in October

Bought NHL ‘15 and mad about the lack of features? EA is working on it

FFXV is ‘men only’ apparently

WWE 2K15 gets a gameplay trailer complete with wonky hair physics!

Diamond Dog will be the new hotness in 2015

Blizzard cancels a MMO I never heard about

What Titan really was

Destiny sold games and consoles alike

Even Japan doesn’t like Wii U exclusive games that aren’t Mario

Bungie killed Destiny’s loot cave

But fans quickly found a new one

So Bungie is going to fix the loot system

Cool Assassin Creed Unity features highlighted

Get to know the villain of Far Cry 4


Comic Books

Batman Eternal #25 review

Marvel and the Kirby family settle after years of dispute

Here’s what it all means

Marvel hates their popular characters it seems





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