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Things the Happened the Week of 5/18/2014

Some fun stuff happened this whole week. From me HATING Godzilla to being very satisfied with the excellent X-Men Days of Future past there’s been some downs on both ends for Marvel and DC films in the near future. David Goyer bro-ing out on us in the worst way and the Marvel machine possibly turning more Ultron than Jim Hammond. All that and more after the jump.




Big Hero 6 Disney/Marvel Animation team up finally gets a trailer

New Guardians of the Galaxy trailer drops

The Mark Millar comic made to be a movie Kingsman: The Secret Service trailer drops

David Goyer proves himself to be a D-Bag

The Man of Steel sequel gets awful new title

Edgar Wright leaves Antman citing “creative differences”

Drew Goddard no longer the Showrunner for Daredevil


Video Games:


Rare Games hit with layoffs after dismal Kinect Sports Rivals sales. I’m sure the Kinect-less Xbox One had NOTHING to do with it

Morpheus now running off of the PS4 Native

Release date Given for Nintendo’s Legend of Zelda  Hyrule Warriors and HOLY HELL LOOKS AT THOSE BOOBS

Super Smash Bros to utilize the NFC (Skylanders figurines) tech

The Division rumored to actually be pushed back to 2016




Marvel AXIS Events revealed Possible time jump forward?

Miles Morales to join All-New X-Men?





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