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This is late. Deal with it.

The comics of the week of 5/20 were not reviewed last week but CLICK HERE to listen to our extensive review of DC Comic’s Battle for the Cowl 3-part miniseries.  This time I will review the comics released on 5/28.  I’ll cover five books this time:  Gotham Gazette One-Shot, Green Lantern #41,The Literals #2, New Avengers #53, and Superman #688.

OVERVIEW:  This was a pretty good week in comics.  It was filled with reunions, new beginnings, mysteries, epiphanies, brutality, and revelations.  I can’t really pinpoint which book I enjoyed the most.  But I could narrow it down to three or four.  See the reviews below.  Oh.  SPOILERS.

Gotham Gazette One-Shot

Nicieza, Nguyen, March, Chriscross, McKelvie, Konat, McKenna

You know, I didn’t really expect much from this book but I flipped through it before I decided to get it and saw smooth walkin’, dirty talkin’ Dick Grayson slow dancing with the Gotham Slut Vicki Vale, and figured I would give it a shot.    The progression of this issue was a series of short stories weaving into one another.  It covers Harvey Bullock, Leslie Thompson, Stephanie Brown, and Vicki Vale.  Highlights include seeing Dick Grayson’s new haircut, Tim Drake’s horribly scarred face (which I hope they keep because its completely bad-ass), Dick making Vicki double-taste by stone-cold lying to her face about Bruce and then stone-cold picking the crippled girl over her, Tim making Stephanie taste it by telling her shes’s fucked, Vicki’s “eyephone”, and Vicki channelling old-school Babs with the posters on her wall.  Is she going to become the new Batgirl? There wasn’t concrete evidence in this issue, but there was allusion to some sort of transformation.  I guess we will find out soon.  My favorite panel was when the Wayne Boys step out of the limo and get paparazzi’d like hell.  I love those two guys. B+

Green Lantern #41

Johns, Tan, Barrows, Glapion, Jose

Agent Orange Part 3: I was getting pretty disappointed with everything in this book that happened after the Rage of the Red Lanterns story arc.  It just WASN’T GOOD.  I mean, I’m aware that this Hal Jordan guy is going to be the biggest name in comics this year into the next, but like, these stories just weren’t cutting it for me.  The only pull for Agent Orange for me was the fact that Johns stated Larfleeze as his favorite character to write at the moment.  I wasn’t really seeing it until I read this issue here.  In this issue it was revealed how fucking stupid the Guardians are (not that anyone thought before though right?).  John Stewart gets owned yet again.  We get to see the origin of Agent Orange and his motives.  We find out about the relationship between the 666 massacre,  Parallax and the guardians.  We also find out that Larfleeze >>>>>> Hal.  He totally wants that blue ring.  And he totally gets it at the end.  I fucking hate that blue ring, and I hate the fact that Hal is wearing one.  The end was fucking balls to the wall.  Larfleeze fucking axes Hal’s arm right off and then gets the “Welcome to the Blue Lantern Corps.” message.  I’m really starting to enjoy Larfleeze.  I want him and Dex-Star as the last Lanterns standing at the end of Blackest Night.  Make mine orange and red, bitches.  A+

The Literals #2

Willingham, Sturges, Buckingham, Pepoy

The Great Fables Crossover Part 6 of 9: I’m really at the point where I’m forcing myself through these things.  I’m not waiting for it to get any better, I’m just waiting for it to be over.  There’s nothing about this stupid crossover that’s worth reviewing on because its not good at all, and its a chore trying to get through them.  One more month of this nonsense, and then hopefully we can get back on track.  N/A

New Avengers #53

Bendis, Tan, Banning

I’m gonna stop complaining about the $3.99 price on these things, but now that I think about it, the Dark Reign New Avengers books really haven’t been that good so far.  These stories it seems like its been filler and the real good book to read is the Dark Avengers.  I get it guys.  The Dark Reign idea is really cool and you can say that maybe its able to redeem the bad taste that was Secret Invasion.  But honestly, the only book I’ve been enjoying in the Dark Reign series is the Hawkeye mini and the Dark Avengers book.  I don’t care so much about Brudder VooDoo.  Who cares. This book was again a disappointment for me this week.  Lowlights: BUCKY CAP? Um, Bucky not understanding why nobody else uses guns.  My feeling is that all of this is filler while Dark Avengers establishes itself, and then it’ll get good when we have a little mini Avengers Crossover later.  C-

Superman #688

Robinson, Guedes, Magalhaes

I was very satisfied with this issue.  Mon-El has been an extremely likable character and he’s staying that way.  This line in the World Without a Superman/New Krypton mega arc has been consistently good so far and as much of a cliche story as Mon’s having, with the whole I’m gonna die in a year, its still very good.  It definitely gets expressed solely in Robinson’s dialogue because he will seriously make you fall in love with this guy.  Again.  After Johns made you fall in love with him before. Theres not really much else I can say about this issue except the fact that it was very well written.  A+




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